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Hello Snooth! help wine cooler undercounter 46 bottle

Posted by mrsgrosko, Mar 18, 2013.

I am about to go crazy!   I can't find any reliable info on built in wine coolers.   Not a SINGLE site is consistent.

My husband wants to buy me a wine refrigerator for my birthday.   I love reds and occasionally white and champagnes so I am looking for a dual zone.  Ideally I would like at least 46 bottles which seems to be fairly standard in a 24 inch wide cooler.

Our budget is flexible but I will also have to pay to have a desk area modified to accommodate the unit.   since I will be replacing cabinetry, counter and removing a soffit, I would like to be reasonable, but I wan t something that will not have to be replaced in a couple of years.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!



Reply by Tom Wandeloski, Mar 19, 2013.


Hello, a dual zone unit , like a Viking or Sub-Zero wine refrigerator unit are good choices. We had a dual zone unit for almost three years now with no issues.  It has two temperature zones which I have set for my whites and reds.  Good luck with your search and welcome to Snooth.  :-)

Reply by edwilley3, Mar 25, 2013.

Based on your circumstances, I'm not entirely certain that a dual zone is the best choice. If you are 90% red in your preference/drinking, you might have more options in selecting a cooler if you got a single zone model. I'm guessing that you are usually not chilling down half a case of bubbly and a case of white wine simultaneously for a party, and even if you were, you could turn down the temperature in the unit.

I have a large freestanding single zone Eurocave. I keep my unit at 51 degrees since it serves a dual purpose - storage and chilling for drinking. (55 is supposedly ideal for plain old long term storage.) I find that it is slightly colder at the top, so I keep my bubbly and whites toward the top. I actually drink my whites right around 50 and prefer my champagne no colder than 45, even drinking some at 50 or more. So when I'm wanting a bubbly, I just pop a bottle in the freezer for a few minutes and voila - it's the perfect temperature.

I guess the gist of what I'm saying is that no cooler - even a fancy dual zone - will keep ALL your wines are the perfect temperature at all times. You probably drink cabs warmer than pinots, Champagnes colder than white Bordeaux, and so forth. In any event, I hope that what you get works well for you.

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