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Hello Snooth! George is here | Interesting wine inside

Posted by mangen, May 29, 2015.

Hello everyone!  I'm George, co-founder at I'm so happy to join snooth and make some interesting (I hope so) contributions to the forum community.

Let me introduce myself. I'm George from Georgia, I mean I was born there. People say Georgia is the birthplace of wine. So I always felt like connected with wine world and starting the internet business helping wine professionals find each other (mentioned above was the obvious decision.

I know how you guys love interesting wines. I got one for you: Hin Areni - Armenian winery. 

Vineyards are situated at an elevation of 1215-1250 meters above the sea level. Wines are made from indigenous grape varieties coming from centuries: Areni and Voskehat.
They say 
grape stems and seeds for these grape varieties were found by archaeologists, they have been tested and the results showed that the grapes seeds date back to 6,200 years. Impressive, isn't it?

I bet you didn't have occasion to try these wines (only if you lived 60 centuries ago). You are more than welcome to contact the Hin Areni winery here, ask them for details and maybe you will be fortunate enough to find a bottle without going to Armenia ;)

I hope I didn't sound too salesy and this piece of information was interesting for you.

Tell me in comments what other rare wines you tried and how was the taste :)


Reply by RandyFisher, May 29, 2015.

Tell us about your wines George.

Reply by mangen, May 31, 2015.

Thank you Randy! I will tell more in my next posts :)

Reply by dvogler, May 31, 2015.

"I hope I didn't sound too salesy"

Call me cynical, but I believe what you truly want is traffic to your site.

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