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Hello Snooth!

Posted by JenniferT, Apr 21, 2013.

Hi there:


I've recently started learning more about wine, and the journey seems ever longer every day. I guess I'm only starting to learn how much I don't know...which is a humbling step forward, lol!

I'm focusing on blind tasting right now. My boyfriend is studying to become a sommelier and I had the idea of setting up a series of tastings at home to help him learn how to differentiate different varietals from different regions. Oh, how innocent and naive I was back then! But that goal hasn't changed. It just involved much more work and acquired knowledge than I ever imagined. Happily I've decided that I quite like this wine stuff myself, and now I'm planning on doing some of the WSET and/or ISG exams myself. :)

The influence of terroir is a special interest of mine, and I'm looking forward to dedicating much more time to exploring this in the future.

So that's about introduction. :)





Reply by EMark, Apr 22, 2013.

Welcome to the Snooth Forum, Jennifer.  Thank you for your interesting introduction.  Can you share with us any of your wine likes and dislikes?

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Apr 23, 2013.

Hello Jennifer. 

get ready for a crazy journey. It's fun, it never ends, and you'll meet some fabulous people along the way. It will fill you with frustrations, and memories, always give you something to do, and lists of wines to taste!

Reply by JenniferT, Apr 25, 2013.


Yes, it's a crazy journey. And it's painfully obvious to me now that it will be a never ending one, lol! Altough now I don't really think that's such a bad thing anymore (step one of becoming problematically vino-obsessed, no doubt!). I really love how there is just so much that goes into to a wine, so many factors that contribute to the end experience, etc. 

I pretend to be a geologist to make a living so the terroir aspect is particularly interesting to me. I would like to study it more formally. Of course not without lots of drinking along the way, lol!

Greg - I will be joining you from afar for the Lodi virtual tasting next week. I've been able to source two of the wines you'll be tasting here in town. I'm planning on tasting them independently just before you begin, and I'm really looking forward to tuning in.

EMark - I'm really not sure. It's kind of too early for me to even guess my likes and dislikes I think, because this stuff is still pretty new to me. I've really been enjoying drinking more complex rose from Provence lately (especially on warmer days) and I love all things sparkling (well, almost)...let's say that I probably drink much more sparkling and champagne than the average person. Wednesday is cause enough for me to open a bottle and celebrate, really. :)

I will say that one of the things I've been focusing on lately is tasting a cross section of pinot noir from different regions. I tasted a very fruit forward one from California - Meiomi Belle Glos. Wow, I won't say that I feel like it's a crappy wine - it has certainly gotten many rave reviews. But I can say that all that sweet fruit and vanilla oak isn't to my taste... I think I'd like to get more of what strikes me as a subtler more natural complexity. But there's an example of something I certainly didn't like :)

I just joined snooth and I'm really looking forward to participating, conversing with some interesting people, and learning along the way. :)


Reply by EMark, Apr 25, 2013.

Jennifer, you're becoming a Forum favorite of mine.  I loved your opening paragraph, above.  I've been enjoying wines for over 40 years and I learn new stuff every day--whether it's reading about (here, for example) ore opening a new bottle and trying it.  It's really pretty neat.

The comments you made about PN will inspire someone to come back here and give you recommendations from California, Oregon, Burgundy or who knows where that contrast with the example that you mentioned.  Here is a link to a recent convesation here on the Forum regarding PN recommendations.  It may or may not be helpful to you.




Reply by JenniferT, Apr 26, 2013.

Emark....awwwww, shucks. It's nice to feel welcome.

Happily I don't really associate that Californian PN I described with PN at all. The oak alone really seemed to over-ride the character of that wine anyway. I thought it felt rather heavy handed, if that makes sense.

I had a Burgundy pinot  the night before last - it was lovely and the polar opposite of the Californian. I did write a little review and add it to the Snooth wine database.  I also enjoyed many of the other Pinot Noirs I have tried: especially Sokol Blosser (Wilamette), Lake Breeze seven poplars (British Columbian), and a Chilean (Veramonte Estates - Ritual). Of these pinots, I thought the the Burgundian  was definitely the best, probably followed by the Sokol Blosser. I'm going to try to do a sparkling PN sometime soon to see how that compares. I'll also go through the conversation on the Forum. 

Yesterday I discovered the blissful union of chocolate and port - I never knew about that pairing before.  It was amazing. I'll try pairing some blue cheese with it next; tonight maybe.

So much to drink and learn, lol! Imbibing has never been a more noble quest. :)

Reply by JenniferT, Apr 26, 2013.

Actually I also had a second Californian PN - sonoma coast, and that was also totally different from the PN from Meiomi. I would like to understand more about the different regions in California (or Oregon even for that matter)...namely to understand how the terroir/growing conditions in the different regions impact the wines differently. I've heard people describe how they can taste the influence of the soil types or salt in the air?! I don't necessarily discount that, and I firmly believe that these factors must influence the wine - but detecting them during tasting? Mind blown.

I did spend some time touring around California to taste and I'm overdue for some more. I liked spending time in Anderson Valley the most. Hirsch vineyard and tasting room was my favorite stop - much more educational and personal. 

I'm going to play along at home with the upcoming Lodi tasting, so I'll have to settle for that in lieu or travel for now.

Reply by EMark, Apr 26, 2013.

Agree with you on Anderson Valley--beautiful, sedate and, probably, underappreciated, a characteristic that I would like to continue to propagate.

Reply by jtryka, Apr 28, 2013.

Welcome Jennifer!  So much wine, so little time!  At least if we can have some fun and make some friends along the way, it will all work out!  As for Pinot Noir, I lived in Portland for a few years, and despite my immersion into Willamette Valley PN, I just never got a full appreciation for them.  I like them all right, but would much prefer a nice Cabernet or Bordeaux style blend!

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