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Posted by susimar, Aug 21, 2014.

I am very new to wine! Fell in love with the red wines in Paris. Still searching for that smooth, almost like water, quality to a red wine without breaking the bank.

I'm kind of annoyed with the spicy/cinnamon finish to wines I've tried lately. I don't care for sweet, but I don't care for dry, either. 


Thank you for letting me on!




Reply by duncan 906, Aug 21, 2014.

Welcome to you. So you enjoyed a trip to Paris? I have been there on my motorbike several times. What red wines were you served there?

Reply by EMark, Aug 21, 2014.

We are very pleased to have you join us, Susimar.  Believe me, we will be happy to make recomendations to you, but, as Duncan alluded when he asked what wines you enjoyed in Paris,  it is most helpful to hear what wines you like.  It may be that your trip to Paris was whirlwind, and you really don't remember what you had.  In that case tell us what wines exhibited the characteristics that you don't like.  That may also be helpful.

One of our Snooth regulars has been trying to convince me that there is plenty of reasonably price French wine available in the U.S. that is superior to similarly priced domestics.  (I'm listening, but, so far, he hasn't really won me over, and, yes, I'm being light-hearted, here.)  With luck he will jump in here and give you some recommendations.

Reply by GregT, Aug 21, 2014.

emark - the key here is: "but I don't care for dry, either"

Good luck with that!

Reply by duncan 906, Aug 22, 2014.



I have always thought that there is plenty of reasonably priced quality French wine out there but I am a Londoner rather than an American.I use the website and I go to France at least once a year.It is not that expensive in London shops either

Reply by dvogler, Aug 22, 2014.


I'm guessing that we can find you something that you'll say, "YES, this is good".  Perhaps descriptions are not the way though.  You said you don't like sweet, but you don't like dry either.  Well, that doesn't leave anything.  You'd probably love a 1982 Bordeaux that's been open for a while.  Or a Brunello.  Of course, you'll have to unzip the wallet a bit more than you want.


A guy on my ride last night told me he'd been down in California somewhere and was at a WalMart and bought a $13 Bordeaux sort of as a joke.  He said he had it at home the other night and it was really good (and in Victoria would be $25 or more).

Reply by EMark, Aug 22, 2014.

Boy, OT, you're right.  Once again I neglected to read all the words. 

So, she doesn't like sweet and she doesn't like dry.  That's a toughie. 

Duncan, I really don't know if bidforwine is available here in the U.S.  The problem I would have is that I would have no idea if a given French wine is a good buy or not.  As I have mentioned in other conversations, I tend to not buy from on-line vendors.  I know this is just completely 20th-Century of me, I do most of my wine buying--and 100% of non-U.S. wine buying--in brick and mortar retail stores.  I do buy a fair amount of wine directly from California-based wineries.  Doing that is not particularly inexpensive, but allows me to procure wines that may be harder to find in retail stores  Yes, these are hang-ups, but they are hang-ups.  ;-)

Reply by GregT, Aug 22, 2014.

Emark - as far as whether it's a good buy or not, you should get a ride with that guy dvogler's riding with and taste some of that Bordeaux. My hunch is that you'd figure it out pretty quickly after tasting whatever he could have possibly picked up at WalMart! 

Reply by dvogler, Aug 22, 2014.

Hahaha..Greg.  This guy isn't a putz either.  he drinks $40 BC wines probably more than I do.  I'll have to find out exactly what it was so I can report!

EMark, I would advise against buying from Duncan's auction as it's in the UK.  At least is in California and shipping would be safe for anything expensive.

Oh, this guy did say the Bordeaux was a 2009.  A decent year for most Bordeaux.

Reply by winetastesveryfine, Aug 27, 2014.

I am planning to go to France next year, already excited for it and trying out wine over there.

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