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Posted by Terrence , Jun 16, 2014.

 I  been seriously wine enthusiast for 2years im still discovering the different vatiety of wines in the world . My favorite countries to get them from italy and Argentina my favorite wine is malbec and pinot grigio, I need a wine mentor to help me discover my passion for a good sip 


Reply by duncan 906, Jun 16, 2014.

Welcome Terrence. You have come to the right place Whereabouts are you from?

Reply by EMark, Jun 16, 2014.

Welcome, Terrennce. You will find a lot of like-minded people, here.  I, for example, have been a wine enthusiast for well over 40 years and I'm still discovering new things.  It's a pretty neat avocation.

Reply by Terrence , Jun 16, 2014.

I live in mt airy section of Philadelphia where u live at ? Have u ever tried zinfindal alot my friends tell me I should try it since I like shiraz 

Reply by Terrence , Jun 16, 2014.

Thank you for the warm welcome i appreciate it

Reply by dvogler, Jun 17, 2014.

Welcome to the Forum Terrence,

Where do you originate from?  A place that makes wine?  I'm only curious, no offense.

Most people here have a sense of humour and it is easy to misconstrue.  The regular people who participate on the forum have favourite wine and some will be more appropriate to help you with choices or advice than others.

Please feel free to ask whatever you need, there's no judgement here.

Reply by dmcker, Jun 17, 2014.

Terrence. I like syrah/shiraz a lot, and zinfandel, too. Have you had any zinfandel before, at all? And what kind of shiraz do you like?

Reply by Terrence , Jun 17, 2014.

I never tried zinfindal like to try a red one my favorite shiraz comes from south africa i forgot the company name but know what it looks like its 2008 and strong plum taste with other flavors i been drinking more robert mondavi malbec 2011 latley .what red zinfindal can u suggest thats under $20

Reply by Terrence , Jun 17, 2014.

Im from Philadelphia pa

Reply by EMark, Jun 17, 2014.

Terrence, for under $20 I like Oak Ridge, but that might be difficult to find.

Cline and Ravenswood are both highly regarded Zinfandel makers that are fairly widely distributed.  Both of them have multiple bottlings that come in at different price points, but both of them have offerings for less than $20.  

I don't know if Seghesio, another terrific Zin winery, is distributed in your geography, but out here in California you can stumble into their "Sonoma County" bottling for $18-19.

Reply by Terrence , Jun 17, 2014.

U right its diffcult to find at my local fine wine and spirits but they suggested one called Francis Carpoiea something like that on sale fir $12 and its medium bodied and well balanced. Is it true that most zinfindal comes from California? That's what the cashier told me

Reply by Terrence , Jun 22, 2014.

 Hi emark what's a good summer white wine u would suggest my favorite is pinot grigio and also like presco and I don't like chardonnay i never tried cabernet sauvarioun 

Reply by outthere, Jun 22, 2014.

Zinfandel is red. Always has been except that Bob Trinchero duped America into believing it was a white wine back in the '75 when he couldn't get some bleed off juice to ferment and we have been trying to relearn everyone since. One the bright side he was singlehandedly responsible for saving Zinfandel in California from a sure extinction. Now it thrives as the red wine it was akways meant to be.

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