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Hello Snooth!

Posted by Amish22, Apr 26, 2014.

Hi there all, just joined the community, looking forward to good conversation and meeting new friends. Most of all, enjoying one of my favorite topics! WINE!


Reply by dvogler, Apr 26, 2014.


Good to have you aboard.  Are you really Amish?  Or am I really naïve? :) 

I'm not a meade fan, however the Chianti classic would be great!  Apparently a lot of people from PA buy their wine in MD and Delaware? 

Reply by Amish22, Apr 26, 2014.

Lol no I am not really Amish, and I live in Maryland, so I wouldn't know if people from PA or Deleware do that. Though I am a huge fan of Linganore winery. If you every get a chance, visit the winery, especially during one of their festivals. Honestly I wouldn't even have liked wine like I do, if I hadn't gotten some good education from them. Wonderful people and a great winery. I know, I know...I am biased since I only live 20 mins away! :)

I see you have a cyclist in your pic, is that you? If so, I love road cycling, and every aspect of it. I have a Salsa Campeon'. To much info all at one time...sorry about Thanks again for your post and reply!

Reply by dvogler, Apr 26, 2014.

Jacob (that's a good Amish name :)  )

This is how we get to know each other!  We're all biased about our local wine and wineries!  We're a quality bunch of people. To love wine enough to WANT to talk about it and share info and experiences tells me that we enjoy the best in life.  I raced Cat. 1 for about twelve years (had to join reality though and get a real job!).  I still ride a lot and mete out the pain in large doses and do a few races a year.  I got a Specialized S-Works Tarmac last year.  Holy...what a sweetheart!  My wife is disgruntled that the bike is between us at night.  Back to wine...what reds does Linganore produce?  What reds do you like?  Sorry, I don't speak "White"  :)

PS: Salsa make gorgeous frames!

Reply by EMark, Apr 26, 2014.

Welcome to the Forum, A22.  Your story about the Linganore winery, which, I assume, is close to you, is great and, really, similar to winery experiences that many of us have had.  I have to say that wineries understand that, in addition to being in the agriculture business, they are also in the hospitality business.

I don't own a bicycle.  ;-)

I would have be $100 that "Salsa Campeon" meant "Champion Salsa Dancer."

Reply by Amish22, Apr 26, 2014.

LOL close Emark, so close! 

Dvogler (Jacob is your name?} Wow Cat 1. I got into cycling a lot later in life, like last year and I am 47. I did race one race last year, it was a 30 miles tour type and I really enjoyed it. I am hoping to do more this year. My wife calls herself a "bike widow", so i feel you on that one.  That Tarmac is a sweet ride indeed!

Well as far as reds from Linganore there are two I really like. 

1. Bacioni

2. Red skins

The Bacioni is probably one of my favorites and my go to dry red.

Now I had one last night at a local restaurant called Natura Organic Cab. I would say it's right up there with tasty Cabs and dry reds. 

Thanks for your post guys, I look forward to many more!

Reply by dvogler, Apr 27, 2014.

Ha ha,, my name is Darren.

I was "giving" you an Amish name, instead of Amish.  Some people don't want to have their real name in cyberspace, and I don't blame them. 

I will go look these wines up. 

Good luck with the races.  Remember, suffering is GOOD. It makes you stronger.

Reply by EMark, Apr 27, 2014.

Nothing wrong with the Lingnore prices.  The description of the Bacioni sounds pretty tempting to me.

Reply by WYNC, Apr 27, 2014.

Hi Amish22,

I just joined today and saw your listing.  I'm in MD as well and LOVE Linganore's Mountain White.  I hope to be able to attend several of their festivals this summer!

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