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Hello Snooth!

Posted by Karl Burkhardt, Apr 2, 2014.

Hi together!

I am a passionate wine lover since 1982, having tasted a lot of vines. My prefernces are wines of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Special prefernces: Burgundy, Piemont, Pomerol.



Reply by EMark, Apr 2, 2014.

Welcome to the SNooth Forum, Karl.  We look forward to learning from your contributions on those topics.

Reply by dmcker, Apr 2, 2014.

Welcome, Karl! Can you tell us about wines you're drinking and liking from those locales? We don't hear enough here even about Germany, but especially about Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. Of course your special preferences from those regions where they use a lot of pinot noir, nebbiolo, merlot and cabernet franc should also be interesting!

Reply by Karl Burkhardt, Apr 7, 2014.


My great love is Burgundy, red and white, let's say from the permier Cru and Grand Cru level. Germany: ther I love dry white Rieslings, priced about 20 - 30 USD: About Portugal: surely vintage port (2011 was a knockout vintage and still priced quite reasonably (but not cheap, let's say 90 $), futher, there are very good wines from the Douro valley, so about 80 $ for great vineries,  .   Switzerland (I am from Switzerland) has very good Pinot Noirs and Merlots (these from Ticino), let's say good values from 15 - 30 $, but there is very little wine exported. From Austria, I prefer the (red) St. Laurent).


Reply by JenniferT, Apr 7, 2014.

Welcome! I don't think I've had a single Swiss wine (clearly something to be rectified), so it's really interesting to see your comments! 

Reply by dmcker, Apr 7, 2014.

Karl, can you go into more detail about what you drink (or want to drink) from Switzerland? Have had cases and cases of pinot noir (both red and rose versions) from Valais and elsewhere over the years, since I often in the past was in and out of the Lake Geneva vicinity. Always on the lookout for what's good to look for on my next visit. Unfortunately it's hard to find Swiss wines the further you get from its borders. Don't think I've actually bought any outside Switzerland other than in eastern France, northern Italy, Austria or southern Germany (more or less in that order of incidence).

Specifics on good finds in those other areas are always welcome, too.  ;-)


Reply by Karl Burkhardt, Apr 9, 2014.


IMHO the best of swiss wines is about Pinot Noir (Valais, Vaud, Grison), Merlot of Ticino. I give you some examples:

- Frères Dubois, Cully (Vaud, at the lake of Geneva: I love their high-end Pinot Noirs), priced abour 25 $

- Fratelli Valsangiacomo, Chiasso (Ticino): I love their Merlots (mid-range, with no new oak) from Morbio Inferiore or Pedrinate

- Gialdi, Giornico (Ticino): I like the Sassi Grossi (some kind of luxury cuvée of Merlot), priced about 60 $

- Christian Herrmann, Fläsch (Grison): I like especially his "normal" Pinot Noir without new oak (about 35 $)

- if one likes authochtonic grapes (a little bit rustic), I recoomend Château Ravire (in Sierre, Valais): their Humagne blanche (white) and Humagne rouge (red) are very interesting (about 22 $)

- if one likes sweet dessert wines (like Auslese, Beerenauslese in Germany): I recommend Domaine de Mont d'Or in Pont de la Morge (near from Sion, Valais). Prices about 50 $.

- mainly in the french part of Switzerland (Romandie) there are also Chasselas wines (white) available: fruity, light that suite perfectly with Fondue or Raclette

IMHO, swiss wines do not very well support new oak: in these cases, the taste of new wood dominates the wine taste, and that's not lovely.

The last knockout vintage in Switzerland was 2009, there is very little left (if ever there is left...). Vintages afterwards: 2010 mediocre, 2011 correct, 2012 mediocre, 2013 correct. I thiink it would be really worth to have a look for 2009ers (if one can find them).

If you pass at a Swiss vinery, it's strongely recommended to fix up an appointment by phone before, even better some little days before (productions here are quite little so one can't afford showrooms or so). One problem of the best swiss wines is that they are not produced thousands of bottles. Most swiss wineries are in the ownership of a family, even split after heritage. On the other hand, if i buy here a Merlot of Ticino for 23 $: if you transport it to the USA, pay there at customs and taxes, it will cost you maybe 40 $. For you, this might be to expensive, for me on the other side, 23 $ are fully ok. But surely I don't wanna discourage you...


Reply by dmcker, Apr 9, 2014.

Thanks, Karl, for all those tips. And yeah, I've had experience encountering those Swiss 'split after heritage' issues, in any number of contexts.

Have had barrels and barrels of chasselas with fondue and raclette. I do miss those meals, though there're plenty of other whites that go well with them. Only one place I know in Tokyo that does a truly good fondue, and as for raclette, forget about it. Best bet is at a Swiss person's home.

What are the best oeil de perdrix roses that you've encountered, whether from Neuchatel or elsewhere? I've had a range over the years but wasn't paying close enough attention to the labels, and realized later that some of them were quite good. At that point I no longer had any way of chasing them down, however.

Reply by Karl Burkhardt, Apr 9, 2014.

Yep, after having posted my article above, I thought one could also mention Oeil de Perdrix (this is a rosé (pink)  wine made of Pinot Noir grapes). Sureley, the best comes from the region of Neuchâtel. A really good one is the one from Decollogny in Boudry, I am awaiting the 2013.

Reply by dmcker, Apr 9, 2014.

Karl, once again it's good to have you here. Looking forward to hearing more from you about Swiss, as well as Burgundy and northwestern Italian wines--or those from anywhere else, for that matter.

To put things into perspective regarding our brief discussion above, you can click through to see the last time I know that Swiss wines were discussed on these boards. 

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