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Hello Snooth!

Posted by pnachod, Feb 6, 2014.

Hello all


I am a newbie to the world of wine!  Please be  As I have aged over the years, I realize that I enjoy a glass of wine much more than a cold brew.  So....makes sense to start learning about my new found love of wine.  I am always open to all comments, suggestions or just general chat about wine or whatever. I want to learn and expand my knowledge or all things wine!


Reply by EMark, Feb 6, 2014.

Welcome to the Snooth Form, Pnachod.  As you might guess we enjoy general chat about wine (and whatever) and are eager to make suggestions.

It is nice to have context, though.  Tell us what wines you have liked or disliked.  Ask questions.  Believe me, we love to share.

Reply by outthere, Feb 6, 2014.



Reply by Bob Fyke, Feb 10, 2014.

Welcome! Your path to wine sounds much like mine. I was a beer drinker and transitioned to wine. One tip I would suggest is to keep track of what you like; you can use a journal, an app on your phone, your phone camera, whatever works for you. The point is, being able to remember what it was that you enjoyed. This will accelerate your accumulation of useful knowledge.

The story I always tell people about when I got into wine is of me standing before the wine store shelf, looking at kangaroos, and rabbits, and complex labels from around the world, and wondering what was inside the bottle, and wondering whether or not I'd like it.. I was motivated to learn, so as to best direct my wine dollar.

Knowing (and remembering) what you like is a key first step.

Once you find something you like, study-up on it. Learn about the wine region where it's made. What grapes are in it? How is it made? You'll enjoy it even more.

Looking forward to hearing about your wine discoveries. Cheers!

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