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Hello Snooth!

Posted by Foskeylady, Jan 16, 2014.

I am a wine newbee and I am almost angry that I have gone *ehem* 38 yrs and not really enjoyed wine like I should have. 

I'm starting to get a little more familiar with my local stores, however I'm not sure I could ever truly know everything there is to know about every wine out there.  So.....I have recently decided that I love a good Red Bordeaux.  Can anyone recomment one I should try?  I am in love with the inexpensive Chateau Le Roc 2010 Bordeaux, love it!


Reply by EMark, Jan 16, 2014.

I'm not sure I could ever truly know everything there is to know about every wine out there.

Nobody knows everything there is to know about every wine out there.  So, don't feel bad.  

Welcome to the Snooth Forum, Foskeylady.  I congratulate you on finding out that you like red Bordeaux.  I wish I could make some recommendations for, but, while I also enjoy them, I am really not that knowledgeable beyond most of the well-known, high-dollar (which is why I haven't been drinking them, lately) examples.  I used to like Lynch-Bages because it was darned good and very reasonably priced.  It it way beyond my budget, now.  No great loss.  I find there are plenty of California and Washington Cabernet Sauvignons that do fit my pocketbook and are equally good.  Not only that, there are other wines from all around the world--including other French regions--that cannot be ignored and are affordable.

I would not be surprised, though, if somebody else jumped in here and gave you some good Bordeaux ideas.

Here is another idea, though.  It looks like there is another new participant here on the Forum going by the handle jbiddy007.  He/she posted here shortly after you (using the same title--"Hello Snooth!") and says that he/she likes Bordeaux.  Why don't you respond to that post and ask for recommendations, there.

Reply by Foskeylady, Jan 17, 2014.

Thank you so much for responding.  I will look for jbiddy007 and see what they are up to! I like Cabernet Sauvignons as well but again I don't know where to go.  My issue is when I find one I like I stick to it, but my curiosity wants to try them all, and I recently found that you can purchase one and it can disappoint rather upbruptly.  I found this out after enjoying a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Cab (diamond collection ivory label) and then I went out on a limb and bought an Australian Cab (Schild Estate) and it turns out I'm not too fond of that one. Trial and error I suppose. 


Reply by duncan 906, Jan 17, 2014.

Welcome Foskeylady.I also like a good red Bordeaux but there are so many to chose from; several thousand properties spread over almost 60 different appellations. I have had wines from most of the appellations.This evening I am planning on opening a bottle of Chateau Carbonnieux from Pessac-Leognan 

Reply by EMark, Jan 18, 2014.

Trial and error I suppose.

No doubt, the most reliable way to learn.  Asking others for guidance, or reading others' writings in perfectly fine.  However, ultimately, you have to trust your own taste. 


Reply by Pierre d'Erfurth, Jan 21, 2014.

Hi Foskey,

Welcome -even if i'm even newer haha- !

As a french advisor, I'd advise you to try Chateau Yquem,

This wine is one of the best Bordeaux you can find and that is still accessible not like Chateau Lafite-Rothschild haha :)

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