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Hello Snooth!

Posted by DocDick, Jan 11, 2014.

Hello Snooth-Sayers!

Currently I try to survive the intense cold of Minnesota and nearby Wisconsin, commuting from my farm to my urban home as the situation dictates.  Wine cellars in both places with collections going back 20+ years.  Now in retirement I live part time in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef coast.  Too hot there now.

My enthusiasms change from time to time, now exploring the Barossa Valley shiraz producers.  A good malbec is also very tempting. 

Sad Northern story to share- my fishing buddy, fellow wine person, just mailordered two cases of high end Bordeauxs.  Arrived yesterday, frozen.  We're busy sampling the thawed bottles, but none will survive with corks intact.  Shipping insurance will cover this, but still, very sad.   DocDick


Reply by EMark, Jan 12, 2014.

Welcome to the Forum DD.  It 's interesting that we seem to be getting a lot of participation from Minnesota and Wisconsin, lately.  That is so fantastic.  

It is also fantastic that you are such a fan of Australian wines.  We have a few semi-regulars who report on that area, but your insights are very welcome.

Regarding the frozen Bordeaux, which is unlikely to happen where I live, although I have forgotten about whites that I have put in the freezer for a quick chill, did the freezing push the corks out?  When you say "none will survive with corks intact," I would (perhaps, incorrectly) imply that you are observing damage to the corks as it is happening.  Is the wine damaged?  I have no idea if freezing damages the wine.  The whites that we've accidentally frozen seemed fine after they warmed up a bit.

Reply by DocDick, Jan 12, 2014.

At -28F wine does freeze - at least the water portion, expanding in the process.  This pushes the corks up,  but not out in this case.  One bottle fully burst the glass and all.  It may be that simply reseating the corks after thawing may keep the wine intact; we'll be trying that. 

By the way, if you get down to that temperature, you can try a far north specialty - ice brandy.  Pour 2-3 bottles of mediocre wine into a sturdy stainless bowl, and set it out to freeze.  When it gets firmer than slush, but not yet rock-hard, punch holes in the crystallized mass and invert over a basin.  The deeply colored, fragrant and rich brandy leaves the pale water crystals behind and has a very potent alcohol content.  No stills needed!  Doing the same with home-made hard cider will create 'apple jack'.   DocDick

Reply by EMark, Jan 13, 2014.

Yeah, I guess if the bottle breaks, then you are out of luck.  I don't know about reseating the corks that have been pushed out a tad.

I have lived in my current house for over 20 years.  In those over 20 years I have gone out in the early morning and seen frost on two occasions.  Getting down to the 30s here is unusual.  I had never heard of ice brandy--this forum is so cool because I learn the most interesting things--but you can be pretty confident that I won't be making any here.

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