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Posted by Michelle Dean, Dec 27, 2013.

My name is Michelle and I live in the Sierra Foothills in California.  We just completed our wine cellar and currently have 315 bottles in our collection.  I am fairly new to wine.  I have enjoyed learning more about wine and discovering those I like and those I don't.  Learning about pairing with foods I enjoy and sharing this hobby with my friends and loved ones.  I'm looking forward to learning more here as well!  

Anyone familiar with some of the wineries in my area?  Any favorites?  


Reply by EMark, Dec 27, 2013.

Welcome, Michelle,   It's great to have somebody from your geography joining in.  Tell us more about your favorite wines and your favorite wineries.  We do have some regulars, here, who have visited and reported on wineries in the Sierra Foothills.  I have not done so, but am not particularly shy about picking up wines from that area in the stores that I frequent.  One winery whose examples are pretty easy for me to find is C.G. DiArie--very good wines at very reasonable prices.  Also, I have seen some good write-ups on Pruett Vineyard but have never seen it in the local stores.  I may have to order directly from them.

Reply by Michelle Dean, Dec 27, 2013.

Thanks for the warm welcome.  I have not been to C.G. DiArie.  I was a member of the wine club of that winery when it was Bella Piazza and I loved their Primitivo.  I checked out the website and read about the new owner.  Guess I will have to go visit!  Both the wineries you mention are a little farther north from me.  I live in Sonora and I am more familiar with the wineries here or in Murphys.  One of my favorite wineries is Soquel Vineyards in the Santa Cruz mountains. Peter is amazing and so is their Pinot Noir!  Let's see... my favorite wines... there are so many... malbecs, red blends and dessert wines.  Hatcher's Quinn the Eskimo, Ironstone's Meritage, Catena's Malbec (2005 was the best!!)  Just to name a few.  Our Grocery Outlet does an amazing job stocking our wine selections.  We pay them a visit and pick out a bottle we have never had before... if we like it we go back and buy more!  We have made a few good finds that way.  I also like sparkling wines and champagnes.  Wilson Creek out of Southern California makes an awesome Almond Champagne which is to die for!!  

Reply by EMark, Dec 28, 2013.

Michelle, I live about a one hour's drive from Temecula.  Sad to say, though, I have never visited Wilson Creek or even tried one of their sparklers.   :-(      So much wine, so little time to try it.

Interesting that you mentioned the Bella Piazza Primitivo.  A couple weeks ago I picked up a 2009 Primitivo and a 2009 Zinfandel both produced by DiArie.  I know this will not be definitive, but I want to see what the same maker does with these two grapes that are genetically identical.


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