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Posted by LWarren, Dec 12, 2013.

Txomin Etxaniz-Txacoli (chacoli) Estoy estudiando la lengua de español este año. I'm in my second semester and I'm going to audit a Spanish conversation and phonetics class to help me get ready for a trip to Spain in 2016. I will be in the Basque country and would like to try this wine from that region NOW to pair with some Spanish cooking. Does anyone know where I can get it in the United States? I've found some dealers but none who ship to Texas.



Reply by EMark, Dec 12, 2013.

Boy, good luck.  I have had Txakoli only twice in my life.  Last spring I had it in a Las Vegas restaurant (and paid over $50 a bottle for it).  A few weeks later I found the exact same wine in in a pretty nice wine store that I occasionally frequent (Wine Club in Santa Ana, CA) and bought it for $20.  I think this is a great wine to accompany sea food.  So, if you do find it, try it with seafood.  

Wine Club does have an on-line site, but they don't seem to be offering Txakoli now--not terribly surprising.  Regardless, I imagine you would still be defeated by Texas law, if you tried to order it.  

So, at this point, here are my best suggestions for you.  Visit some wine specialty shops.  I really don't think you are going to find Txakoli in a high-volume retailer, whose clerks would stare back at you in confusion if you asked for it.  Even going to a specialty store is going to be a, pretty much, hit-or-miss proposition, but your chances of chatting up an informed clerk are much better.  So, if they can't help you with the Txakoli, ask about other Spanish wines that might be similar.  Albarino, for example, is not really similar to Txakoli (It is much fruitier.), but it is from the nearby Rias Baixas region.  However, the thing that Albarino has going for it is that it is pretty easy to find in the U.S.  You can even find it in high-volume retail stores.  Another idea is to try Portuguese Vinho Verde.  Another excellent seafood wine that has more of the Txakoli characteristics--low alcohol, very dry, crisp.

Good luck.


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