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Posted by Karencooks2, Dec 6, 2013.

Has anyone heard of an unoaked chardonnay named Musique?


Reply by EMark, Dec 6, 2013.

No, Karen, but, then again, the list of things I've never heard of is quite lengthy.  

Fortunately, the reason the internet was invented was so I could go out there and learn new things.  Off I go on a new quest.  A few minutes of web surfing led me to a wine called Musique made by a winery in Washington called Siren Song.  However, this Musique is a Roussanne/Chardonnay/Muscat blend, and it has definitely seen oak--12 months.

So, I guess that is not the Musique you meant.

It might be helpful if we understood the reason for your question.  My guess is that either you have tried Musique and liked it or somebody told you about it and, now, you are searching for it.  If that is the case, can you give any more clues?  Do you know the maker?  Do you know where it comes from?

Reply by Karencooks2, Dec 7, 2013.

Thanks so much for your research. I had the wine at a restaurant but couldn't remember the name. So , I called the restaurant, and they told me the name. Possibly, they just called it a chardonnay, because their customer could understand it, without them going through the explanation, They said it wasn't oakey, which I normally like, so maybe that's why I was so "intoxicated" by this blend.

I live in the suburbs of NY, have called around, and none of the shops here have heard of it. Do you have a resource for me?

Reply by jackwerickson, Dec 7, 2013.

If you go to wine searcher it shows that it is only sold directly from the winery

Reply by outthere, Dec 7, 2013.

Not oaky and unoaked are different things altogether.  That wine could have spent a year in neutral barrels and gotten little to no oak effect. Unoaked would be unmistakably steely and very crisp, like a Sauv Blanc.

Reply by EMark, Dec 7, 2013.

Karen, I would suggest that you visit the Siren Song web site.

It looks like you can order it directly from them.  My suspicion is that they can ship it to you in New York, but they can, certainly, advise you, for sure.  

The other thing you can try is to go back to the restaurant that you visited and ask if they would sell a few bottles to you.  I have no idea what the laws are in New York.  The may or may not be able to do that.

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