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Posted by DaxLittle, Dec 5, 2013.

My name is Dax little. I'm from Fort Worth TX and I am fairly new to wine. I've been checking this site out for the past couple of days and I've got to say its pretty awesome. I'm a huge fan of cooking and wine has always interested me, I just never knew where to start, until now. Hopefully I'll get to meet some cool and interesting people on here and have some amazing conversations. 

nice meeting y'all in advance!



Reply by EMark, Dec 5, 2013.

Welcome to the Snooth Forum, Dax.  You are correct that there are some "cool and interesting people" here.  On the other hand, I'm here, too, and I'm pretty sure I don't meet both those criteria--maybe, neither of them.

We do love to chat about wine, though.  So, even though you describe yourself as being fairly new to wine, I assume that you have been doing some tasting and experimentation.  Tell us what you have enjoyed.  Or, tell us what you haven't enjoyed. 

Reply by JenniferT, Dec 5, 2013.

Hi Dax! I'm also pretty new to wine and I think that it's a good position to be in. All the experiences are so exciting and new.....I've really been enjoying the learning phase. (I don't expect this learning phase to end or even taper off anytime soon.)

I've found the snooth site to be really great and full of interesting people. I haven't really seen anything online with the community feel + quality of dialogue I see here. It's such a refreshing contrast.

Tasting and experimentation is what it's all about for me as well, so it would be great to hear you come back and discuss your experiences.

Reply by dvogler, Dec 5, 2013.

Hi Dax,

My name's Darren.  I am new to the site also, as far as actual communication goes.  I've checked out wine on the site for years, as well as many other sites.  Sometimes you have to average out many reviews and get a method that works for you (as far as wine ratings go).

You need to fill out a list of some of your favourites, or what you have liked.

I like most reds, bigger the better.  At the moment, I'm enjoying an old stalwart, Catena malbec.

Happy to say EMark...that a friend of mine from Brazil is coming to my place for a few days at Christmas and he's bringing me a bottle of Angelica Zapata (made by of their BIG ones...hard to get in North America).  I had it last year when I was there and Holy Cow was it nice!  I'll be sitting on it for a while.

Maybe you can come to Victoria for a visit someday!!


Reply by EMark, Dec 6, 2013.

Well, Darren, if I do get to Victoria, I will try to connect.  Interestingly enough, I did almost touch Victoria last September. We took an Alaskan cruise (Cruising is one of our favorite ways of vacationing.), and a four-hour stop in Victoria shielded Princess from the U.S. law--the Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920).  In fact, we never left the ship for that stop.  Among other things it was seriously raining that day.

Similarly, though, if you get to Los Angeles, let us know.  We'll round up JonDerry and LingProf, chew the fat and taste wine.

Reply by dvogler, Dec 6, 2013.


I'd prefer to respond directly, rather than fill up Dax's thread like this, but I didn't see where to send a private message.  Computer savvy? No.  

Uh...was it this year or 2012 you stopped on the cruise?  We sure didn't have much rain this summer...almost no measurable rain for October.  Anyway,,I do know why the cruise ships stop here!  Victoria is a tourist destination, but I think the cruise stops are more out of convenience.  Frankly, I would prefer they go to Vancouver, but this isn't a rant & rave forum!

It's my boss' company Christmas party tonight and I'm looking forward to drinking some killer Sonoma cabs (he loves the good stuff).  Cheers!

Reply by EMark, Dec 7, 2013.

Yeah, it's called "Topic Drift."  In this case, though, it may be more like a "Topic Flood."

With apologies to Dax, I am going to continue the flood of off-topic items.

Here is how you can send a personal message through Snooth:

  • Click on my Snooth Handle (EMark) and you will be taken to my Snooth Profile.
  • Immediately below my picture in the profile there is a grey ribbon line.  To the extreme right of the ribbon like is an icon that looks like an envelop.  Here it is, below.  You won't see that icon that looks like a gear.  That is to allow me to change my profile settings.

  • Click on that and a form will pop up for you to compose your message.  I will be advised in my personal e-mail in-box and that advice will have a link to the message.

September 5, 2013--It was a rainy day in Victoria, BC.  You may not have noticed it, but for somebody who lives in Southern California it was a major precipitation event.  :-)

Enjoy your boss' wine, tonight.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 9, 2013.

Hi Dax,

Welcome to Snooth. This is the way to start. So what have been the wines that have opened your eyes so far?

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