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Hello Snooth!

Posted by quattroG, Dec 3, 2013.

Hello Snooth.


Reply by EMark, Dec 3, 2013.

Welcome to the Snooth Forum, 4G.  

"Hello Snooth," doesn't tell us much about you, and we are interested.  What wines are you enjoying these days?

Reply by quattroG, Dec 3, 2013.

Hi there Emark,

I'm a big fan of Zin's and Pinot Noir.


But I have to say right now, I"m into a Cab Sav from Josh winery. I like a fruit forward red. Not big on heavy oak or high tannin wines. 

A Pinot I like is from Castle Rock and a new Pinot I just tried and liked is from Bridlewood. 

I also enjoy Italian Red's like a good Sangiovese.

As for White wine, I like a good buttery Chardonnay to a semi-sweet Riesling.  A consistently good Riesling that I keep on hand  is Chateau St. Michelle. 

Currently making a Raspberry /Pear from fruit from my back yard. Hope it comes out. So far, so good.

Reply by EMark, Dec 3, 2013.

Thanks for the update, 4G.  You'll find a lot of Zin and PN fans here.  I'm with you on the Zins (especially ones from the Dry Creek Valley or the Rockpile AVAs), not quite there, yet, on the Pinots.

I'm afraid we're at opposite poles regarding Cabernet Sauvignon.  I go for the big bruisers that have so much tannin they leave splinters in your mouth.  I favor Cabs from the Spring Mountain District on the western side of Napa Valley.

What's not to like about Sangiovese?  I'm all over Tuscans and Chiantis.  I haven't had a California version that I would judge to be great, yet, but at least they are generally very good.

I'm on the same page with you on Rieslings from Washington.  Ch. Ste. Michelle is a great choice.

I assume that your Raspberry/Pear project involves fermentation.  Good luck, and keep us up to date.  To my way of thinking, Raspberries were made for Puffed Rice, and Pears were made for Blue-Veined cheeses and Sauternes.  ;-)

Reply by quattroG, Dec 3, 2013.

Ah yes, I've had Dry Creek Valley Zin as well and it is very good. Splinters.. ? :)

Just now sitting here with a glass of Sin Zin from Alexander Valley. Very nice.

I am only about 3 hours from the Finger Lakes region of NY. I have been going up there each year for the last several. It's always a fun time. Not a place for memorable reds. But they do some very good white wines and Rieslings especially. Yes, my homemade wine is pretty much done with fermentation. It's been racked once, will do it again at least two more times in the next 6 months. It should end up being relatively dry. We're making 12 gallons this batch. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's my first venture into wine making. I normally brew beer. 

Reply by EMark, Dec 4, 2013.

Alexander Valley, another good source for Zinfandel--and other red varieties.

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