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Posted by Caseman67, Nov 27, 2013.

Found a great Cabernet called Quantum.   Very smooth but deep and strong.  Perfect balance.


Reply by EMark, Nov 28, 2013.

Thanks for the tip, CM.  I am totally unfamiliar with this wine.  The Snooth database indicates a couple wines with the name Quantum--including one from Beringer.  Was the one that you tried made by Beringer?  If not can you discern the name of the winery?  And, the winery name could certainly be Quantum.  Is this a California Cab?

Reply by Caseman67, Nov 28, 2013.

It is the one from Beringer. Cabernet.  I found it at a wine tasting, pricey around $45 to &50 but worth it for a special occasion.

Reply by dvogler, Nov 28, 2013.

Hi Caseman,

That Quantum sounds right up my alley.  I've not seen that one.

I can get the Private Reserve, but that's out of my comfort zone (meaning my wife would KILL me if she knew I paid over $100).  I've had the Knight's Valley Meritage and LOVED it.  Had the Knight's Valley cab 2010 a few weeks ago and it was great too. 

Reply by EMark, Nov 29, 2013.

Thanks, CM.  I've never seen the Quantum labeling, before, but I'll try to keep a sharper lookout.  

Darren, I have had several of the Beringer Knight's Valley Cabs, not Meritage, and have enjoyed them.  I can get them here, again at Costco, for less than $20.  In another conversation you mentioned that you have relatives (in-laws?) in Seattle.  If they don't belong already, you should encourage them to get a Costco card.  Then, the next time you visit, you can join them on an expedition.  Also, for what it's worth, the Beringer Knight's Valley Reserve Cab has been getting a lot of love from Wine Spectator in the last couple of years.  They show the current bottling at $60.  I can't say that I've ever seen it on a store shelf, and, so, I'm not sure about the "street price," but I would think that it is less than $60.

Reply by dvogler, Nov 29, 2013.

Emark, they do have a Costco membership and I do too.

Costco in BC doesn't carry alcohol, (regulated by the government).  When I'm down there, I seldom check out Costco, but I know they certainly are cheaper than most.  I used to grab the Trader Joe's amarone, but they don't carry it anymore.  Now they have Pasqua...and I don't like it as well.  Besides, I'm trying to get out of my Italian box.  I seem to get stuck on things and periodically need a kick to veer off in a different direction!

Reply by EMark, Nov 30, 2013.

I'd forgotten that they do have Costcos in Canada.  I actually shopped in one in Montreal.  I did not know that they could not sell alcohol, but living in the United States where the laws vary from state to state, I am not surprised that Canadian (or provincial) laws have such restrictions.  (This is the point where Duncan again laughs at us.)  I also had forgotten that Washington state law had changed fairly recently.  I believe that Costco was prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages before the change, but now they can.  Maybe Lucha Vino or somebody else from Washington can confirm or correct that.

Anyway, I am very impressed with the quality of wines that are sold by Costco.  Even their store brand, Kirkland Estates, is consistently good and, occasionally, according to Wine Spectator, very good.  The other thing about Costco, though, is that there is inventory inconsistency between the stores.  I have seen reports here on the Forum where somebody's Costco is selling First Growth Bordeaux.  I have never seen them in my Costco.  However, I can consistently find nice California Cabs and Chardonnays--not necessarily trophy wines, but good, solid choices.  I am a big fan of Zinfandel, but, unfortunately, my store usually does not have much in the way of Zinfandel.  (No big deal.  I have several alternate sources.)  I have never been particularly attracted to Amarone, as you seem to have been, but I did score and outstanding Italian example a few months ago at Costco.  It was a Tuscan (Sangiovese/Merlot blend) called Badiola for $10.  A terrific wine for a terrific price.  Their French selections seem to be more white wines--from Burgundy and Loire.  However, during the holiday season they will have both Dom and Cristal Champagne.  I usually pass.  Sad to say if I'm going to pay that much for a wine, even at Costco prices, I'm going to look for a hearty red.

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