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Posted by byathread, Oct 31, 2013.

New here. Live in Colorado. Enjoy many types of wine. Spent years only drinking reds until I vowed to methodically explore whites (and spent a year drinking almost nothing but...and enjoying the hell out of it!). Now I thoroughly enjoy NZ Sauv Blancs, dry Rieslings, Torrontes, Viognier, Alsatian Pinot Blancs and many other (generally dry) whites. Along with reds, big and small - Pinot, Cab Franc, Lemberger, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel, Malbec, Carmenere, Cab Sauvignon, GSM, cuvees, etc. Also a fan of dry rosés for their versatility with food. I also enjoy craft beer and have been homebrewing beer and mead for a decade (and just starting with winemaking).




Reply by EMark, Nov 1, 2013.

Welcome, By.  It sounds like have become pretty agnostic regarding your wine favorites.  Good for you.  I sure you will develop a lot of friendships with Snooth participants.

Reply by byathread, Nov 1, 2013.

ag·nos·tic  (g-nstk) n. -  One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.


Rather, I think I'm committed to enjoying a diverse array of wines!  And a lifetime of exploring more.



Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 2, 2013.

Although there are probably as many red varieties as white, a few of them seem to dominate.  After chardonnay, which seems like a false synonym for "white wine" with many folks, the field of whites is more splintered, IMO.  Sure, there's riesling, which captures a lot of press among the know-something crowd, and SB, which can be pretty polarizing (NZ versus Loire, and, oh, doesn't Bordeaux grow some?), but no three or four grapes captures market share like Cab, Merlot, and Pinot.  I've probably got 3/4 red in my house at any one time, but an equal number of different varieties--chenin, SB, riesling, malvasia, grenache blanc, albarino, and on and on... oh, and a little chardonnay, too. In fact, my fridge fills up with white just because I want to have the exact right one--ooh, it has to be muscadet (really, melon de bourgogne)--right at hand.  So, good for you for getting out of your perceived comfort zone and discovering a whole palette of tastes.  Welcome and keep posting!

Reply by Tbandcwfjourney, Nov 2, 2013.

Hello fellow Coloradan.  Our adventures have been trying the Colorado wine and then trying a classic example of the same style, white or red.  My hobby is cooking, so of course I have to experiment with pairing.

Reply by byathread, Nov 2, 2013.

My achilles heel in wine exploration has always been money (as I am a man of quite limited means).  Point being I would like to have tried more Colorado wines. I have tried a number of excellent wines a few years ago when touring wineries in the West Elks AVA, noted for their Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, Gewurztraminers.  I've also had excellent Lemberger and Cab Franc from Colorado.  I haven't tried many wines from the larger, more diverse Grand Valley AVA.  I hear they've got good Cabs, Merlots, Viognier and even Malbec.

On the bright side, my "limited means" have recently propelled me towards home winemaking (been making mead and beer for years, how is it that it making wine never occurred to me until recently?).  Anyway, that should fulfill some of my desire for exploration and fill my cellar with some good day-to-day wines - hopefully freeing up funds for further exploration.



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