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Posted by rweinhold, Sep 10, 2013.

Hello, I joined Snooth because I found it a handy look-up tool during my first days on the job. I'm charged with tracking and transferring food and beverage inventory at a resort complex with an extensive wine list. Having very little wine knowledge Snooth has helped me ensure that I am correctly entering wines and vintages on my spreadsheets. 


Reply by duncan 906, Sep 10, 2013.

Whereabouts are you and what wines do you deal with at work?

Reply by EMark, Sep 10, 2013.

As a Snooth player I'm glad to see that you are finding this site beneficial, Rweinhold.  Please continue to visit and, I guarantee, you will learn much.  Better yet, start testing some of that inventory.  I think that is justifiable, heck, mandatory, as a quality control procedure.  We would, of course, be interested in reading your reports on these quality control initiatives. ;-)

For what it's worth I stayed at the American Club some years ago on a business trip.  Excellent facility.  I endorse it if anybody is thinking of traveling to this area.  Ladies, you'll love the bathrooms.

Duncan, the American Club where, I assume, Rweinhold works, is near Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  That would be in the northern part of the U.S. area described as the "Midwest."  Sheboygan is roughly between the major Wisconsin cities of Milwaukee and Green Bay.  As I said I was traveling there for business.  Since I am now retired, the major draw that might attract me to return is its proximity to Road America. 

Reply by rweinhold, Sep 10, 2013.

EMak is correct. I'm in SE Wisconsin in the village of Kohler. Considering I usually only see the invoices and computerized inventory, I deal with the "idea" of many wines rather than the wines themselves. For what it's worth, here is a link to the wine list of the Immigrant Restaurant, one of a handful of American Club facilities.

Immigrant Restaurant Wine List

Reply by EMark, Sep 10, 2013.

That's a pretty impressive wine list.  A bit spendy for me, but I guess that's resort pricing.

Thanks for posting, Rweinhold.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Sep 11, 2013.

Anyone else interested in how Emark knows about the women's bathrooms at Club America? Given that Mrs. Emark had a responsible job and the Sheboygan metro area is not a place you would usually take time off to visit while your husband worked (well, maybe, it is a resort), I'm just kind of wondering.  And how long ago are we talking?  Is it possible the bathrooms have had some redecorating since?

It's a pretty impressive list and there are some decent prices, like the Nicolas Joly Savennieres.  Also the DuMol Russian River PN is less than double retail, which is not unusual for the markup (although that wine is also the most expensive blended pinot made from the particular vineyards).  But mostly it's a very high end list.  Does anyone ever order the Belle Glos "Dairyman Vineyard" thinking it's local?  (You know, Wisconsin Dairyland, we all know the license plate.)  I guess we should celebrate a WI restaurant having a high end wine list. 

Rweinhold (you've got German wine in your name!), you should follow Emark's advice and get in there and sample!

Reply by EMark, Sep 11, 2013.

OK, here is more.  I guess I did not compose my bathroom comments very well.  My reference was to the bathroom in my room at the American Club.  I visited WI in January 1989 to assist with the preparation of an RFP response for a bank based in Sheboygan.  Most of my time was spent in Green Bay, where the sales rep lived, and Milwaukee, where sales management, technical and administrative support was.  We spent two days at the bank site in Sheboygan, and that is when I stayed at the American Club.  Mrs. EMark was home earning money so that we could continue to make mortgage payments.

Now here is a geography question.  Have you ever heard of the town of Kohler, Wisconsin?  It is a small community near Sheboygan.  

Second (non-geographic) question:  Does the name "Kohler" ring any kind of bell at all?  Maybe if anybody studied U.S. labor history (a pretty vicious strike in the 1950s), or if they happened to look at the brand name on the plumbing in kitchens or bathrooms.

The Kohler Co. that makes plumbing fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms is based in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Now, Rweinhold, come in here and correct me if I'm in error in any of this.

In the depression era, Kohler heavily relied on immigrant workers in their manufacturing facility.  Dormitories were built close by for these immigrants to live.  I'm sure they saw a deduction in their paychecks to cover this.

At some time, and I really don't know when this happened.  So, if you can give a little help, Rweinhold, that would be great.  These "dormitories" were converted into the the hotel for the American Club.

Now, here's the neat part.  I don't know if Kohler still owns it, but each bathroom in each of the rooms of the American Club is like a showcase for Kohler products.  I think each one is unique.  I saw two:  mine, obviously, and Kurt's. the sales rep.  Both were amazingly beautiful.  My comment about ladies liking them may have been a tad incorrect or inappropriate, but, heck, I was impressed.

Back to the wine list, I'm glad that you found some wines, Fox, that were less than double retail.  There are some California ones that are priced at triple retail.  As usual, it is easier to go triple on the lower priced wines than on the higher priced ones.  Also, as much as I encourage half-bottles on restaurant lists, theirs are outrageously priced.





Reply by Richard Foxall, Sep 11, 2013.

Everyone of your observations rings true, Emark.  Totally agree the 1/2s are outrageous.  And some of the Californians, esp at the lower end, do seem really marked up.  Interesting list, though, with multiple vintages of Hill of Grace at $1299--but do they think no one realizes that's $1300, or are they just used to dealing with retail pricing of plumbing?

Funny, now Kohler is a leader in making the stuff here and standing behind their workers and products.  I used almost nothing except their stuff and the German Grohe plumbing fixtures. 

Whoa, that is some thread drift.

Reply by rweinhold, Sep 12, 2013.

EMark, you are correct on all accounts as far as I can tell. Kohler Company does still own the American Club, as well as 2 renowned golf courses that have hosted PGA and LPGA majors in recent years. Actually, the whole village is pretty much connected to the Kohler Company in some way or another. 

The hotel itself was converted from the original worker dormitories and the bathrooms are top of the line. The worker dorms were opened in 1918 and remained affordable housing for Kohler employees until 1978. In 1981 it reopened as a hotel. It is remains the only AAA 5 Diamond resort in the midwest.

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