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Posted by Duncan Pringle, Feb 18, 2013.

Hello, we live in Rome and were wondering if it's worth buying the snooth pro app given that we only really buy Italian wine. Is it mainly for the US market? Thanks


Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 18, 2013.

Can't really answer that, but welcome to Snooth.  Did want to ask you where you buy wine in Rome?  I was there last summer for a week or so, had a great time, but really didn't drink a whole lot of great wine or eat a lot of great food.  (We drank better in Stresa and ate best in Paris, but we still had a great time in Rome.)  We stayed near Quirinale/Trevi Fountain and there was a nice wine shop on the corner, but the best wine shop I have been in, bar none, was the one in Stresa.

Reply by vino in love, Feb 19, 2013.

Welcome to Snooth Duncan Pringle :)


@ Foxall I think Rome has very good "Enotecas" and if you leave the tourist area then you can actually dine quite well for little money. I might not live in Rome but I have family there. Next time you go to Rome make sure to stop by DoppioZeroo. It's great for pretty much any occasion. From breakfast to after hour drinks. Best time to stop there might be for aperitif though.


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