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Posted by Shawnnana, Jul 10, 2013.

Greetings.  I'm from Canada.  

I accidentally drank this bottle of wine that was suppose to be saved for our anniversary. 

I need to replace it.

Can't afford to go back to Chile any time soon. 

Any ideas where to buy:

Casa Lapostolle Carmenère Cuvee Alexandre Colchagua Valley 2008





Reply by EMark, Jul 11, 2013.

Shawnanna, I searched on your wine and got several hits.  This one appears to be selling it:

This one will quote the "lowest available price":

Not clear if either will ship to Canada.

Another possibility is Lapostolle's North American agent.

Good luck.

I really want to pull your chain, a bit, and ask how you "accidentally drank this bottle of wine that was suppose to be saved for our anniversary," but I'll resist.



Reply by Shawnnana, Jul 11, 2013. night while hubby was away on business and it was 40 below ( too cold to go out wine shopping) I went into the cellar and grabbed a random bottle.  He did not have them tagged for a special occasion, so I drank it.    It was REALLY good.      Weeks later he mentioned something about boxing up the wines and hiding them from our house sitter.  "...especially those 2 bottles from Chile".  

Gulp.  Now there is only one.  

I could still blame it on the house sitters since they did a whole bunch of crappy things to our house.  One more wouldn't matter.

Thanks for your help.


Reply by EMark, Jul 11, 2013.

Sure enough.  A perfectly reasonable explanation.

Good luck in your quest, Shannana.  Regardless of the outcome, here is wishing you a happy annniversary.

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