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Posted by aussie05, Sep 17, 2009.

Wanted to say hello to everyone. Here are a couple pics from my trip to Oregon a month back. What a beautiful place that is making some outstanding pinot! I need a small house in the countryside of Willamette....anyone know of a cheap one for sale :)

Pics include Patty Green, Brick House, Belle Pente, Antica Terra/Lillian, Evesham Wood, and a view of the Cristom Vineyards. Enjoy


Reply by Philip James, Sep 17, 2009.

Very cool -thanks for posting. How did you get the writing on one of the pics?

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 18, 2009.

Wow, some great properties.

I would love to visit Belle Pente and Antica Terra in particular.

Thanks for sharing the pictures but how were the wines?.

Reply by aussie05, Sep 18, 2009.

Phil - NP, like to share the pics of winery visits. My girlfriend is the photographer, and uses photoshop on a lot of our winery photos. She put the names of the winemakers on a few of the pics using that software.

Reply by aussie05, Sep 18, 2009.

Greg - where do I start on the wines.....

I will just list my brief thoughts on them
Patty Green: What a tasting. Probably tried 15-20 wines while we were there including 2008 Pinots from barrel. I really enjoy the style of Pinots they produce with many having an orange/citrus quality, very unique oak treatment, and try to show the place of the wine as much as possible. And with the multiple pinots they produce, there is something for everyone. Great food wines too, low Alc.
BH: Brick house is one of my favorite domestic chardonnay's with the dijon clones, that bring out a very rustic, understated, cloudy appearance, minimal intervention, biodynamic practices, and a nose that keeps you hooked for the whole bottle. The pinots can vary in quality with my experience, but when they are on, they are subtle, light on their feet, rose petals, thinker type pinot's. Probably not the best description, but since I have only had these young, I am anxious to hold on to a few and see where these go in 5 years.
Belle Pente: I had the 2006 Gwurtz (pretty sure that was the year), and I really enjoyed this over the Pinot Gris. I want to say he may not be making this much longer, but don't quote me. Shared this with my grandparents who are not wine drinkers and loved it. "Bring us more" they said. Pinot's were very vague at this point, mind you I had just visited 20 wines at Patty Green's and BH before this stop so our taste buds were shot. Beautiful property though!!!! I can't say enough how amazing the view is from the top of the property at Belle Pente. Brian O'Donnell picked a great spot to call home.
Antica Terra was Day 2: Maggie currently makes her wine at Coelho in downtown Amity so we met her there and got to meet her staff. Great people. They were pumping 2008 AT to tank for final blend. We tried the 08 AT and the AT Botanica. Both were great wines. Very young obviously, with a lot of primary fruit that needs to settle into place. Great wines though. She also shared the 2006 Lillian Blue Label from tank, and the 2007 Lillian regular bottling. Both were smokin good. My first try of the Blue label. What a wine! This may belong in a different forum but these are my thoughts. I've written too much already, but do stop by Evesham Wood, Russ Rainey was a great host and his Pinots are always consistant for quality and individuality.

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