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Hello from Russia

Original post by ApelsecS, Oct 14, 2012.

Hello everyone, my name is ApelsecS and I'm alcoholic =D sorry for this joke but this was the first thing in my mind when i've seen this part of forum =)

Ok, I'm from Russia but stay half time in California, so I have a good opportunity to try both US and European wines. I'm not a big professional and started this hobby some years ago, so don't believe what i say in my reviews and try everything yourself =)

I prefer all kinds of alcohol, including European beer, Russian vodka, Mexican tequila and even absinthe. Wine was actually the last thing in my list of interests past years until i tried "The seven deadly zins" Californian zinfandel. This changed my mind and now I pay attention to wine too.

Now i prefer Italian red wines like nero d'avola because they have a bright taste like Californian reds but have less alcohol flavor as well as most European wines. I still love Californian Zins and keep testing well known USSR/Russian wines.

Most wines produced in USSR were completely different from the entire world as they were sweet wines and ports in general. We called some of them "artificial wines" as they were proprietary mixed and nobody knew what they were made of. On the other hand we had some really good wines for government that are still produced today and have a long history.

I could be wrong in many things but hope my wine reviews will be interesting for some of you.

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Reply by EMark, Feb 25, 2013.

Very interesting that the one with the latin alphabet is Russian and is for sale in Russia.  I assume that Russian wine consumers are more comfortable with English than most Americans are with Russian. 

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