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hello from Montana

Posted by craigster1, Feb 8, 2013.

Greetings from Big Sky Country Montana,


Yes, So grapes around here are a little bit more hardy and well, the vines do not tend to live long.  However, I do have California (Bay Area) roots so I really enjoy a good wine.  It might not be amusing to many experts out there, as I am primitive in wine terminology- yet, I have a knack for describing different elements about wine to a "T" on many occasions.  My California friends say I'm usually right on, I just use hill billy language to describe the wine.  This is fine with me.  In the big picture I am but a novice in the wonderful world of red.  My one big strong point is identifying fillers, nitrates, additives and added colors.  My foe.  I have feeling it is more common than many wine companies would like to share.

My biggest challenge, I have a hard time describing my favorite taste.  I just know it when I taste it!  I was in the Malibu area (up the canyon) a few years ago and man I was very impressed.  I look forward to meeting friends here, and perhaps I can describe my tastes to someone who has a grasp on wine nuances and terminologies so that I can then make a mass 1,000 bottle order! 


Reply by duncan 906, Feb 9, 2013.

Welcome to the site

Reply by EMark, Feb 9, 2013.

Grettings back at you, Craig.  Welcome to the Snooth Forum.  I look forward to learning from you.

Reply by amour, Feb 11, 2013.

Welcome, Craig!

I appreciate your love of the vine, Craig!

One of the great 'features' of Snooth : wine lovers of all levels mix.

It is very levelling!

You will feel right at home with us, as we share our wine experiences with each other, and as you view the most interesting photos fom the Snoothers fortunate to travel to wineries and themselves witness first-hand, the Wines of the World.

You too, have something to contibute her, Craig!  Cheers!

What is your favourite type of wine?

Have you tasted any wines from France?


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