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Hello from AZ

Posted by randog, Aug 17, 2011.

Hi, everyone, I'm I'm not new to wine but I'm new to thinking about wine and exploring and apprecitating it's varieties. I'm poor.  I'm making wine at home.  I'm drinking Sangria.  I like sweet, fruity wines.  what else should I try?


Reply by Kelsey Wilburn, Aug 18, 2011.

Hey randog,

I would suggest trying Rieslings. They're sweet white wines that don't have to break the bank! I write a wine blog about finding cheap wine and appreciating it, if you want to check that out too:

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 18, 2011.

Hi randog,

What I'm going to say might surprise you but here goes. Have you tried White Zinfnadel? A lot of people are down on White Zin, but it's the classic inexpensive, fruity wine and there is nothing wrong wih it. If you like it you like it and that's all that really matters when it somes to wine.

Riesling is a great suggestion, though some are dry and not particualry fruity. Other wies worth trying include Moscato, most common as the sparkling wine Moscato d'Asti, but very typical to find only lightly sparkling bottlings, knonw as frizzante, in Italy and they are delicious! Lambrusco, which is another sparkling wine, mostly red, and the less expensive varieties tend to be a bit sweet, and totally fun. alot of affordable Pinot Gris from Oregon is a bit sweet, as are many Malbecs from Argentina, though with only enough sugar to make the wines fruiter as opposed to obviously sweet.

That should be a start. Fill us in on what you discover!

Reply by MafiaGal, Aug 18, 2011.

I would say try Viognier or Gewurztraminer, but they may not be budget wines.  I'm a big red drinker and I can name so many reds that I find sweet and fruity, but you may not think so.  Otherwise, Pinot Grigio is a winner and there are many producers.  Here in California there is Sterling Vineyards, Delacato, and Mirassou who make it and sells for about $7. If you have a World Market in AZ, you may be able to find them.  Still, I would say give reds a try.  I have two friends who are die hard whites because they think they are sweet.  But then I introduce them to real red wines and they've changed their minds.  Happy hunting!

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