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Hello fellow Snooth'ers

Posted by Adnan Jabbar, May 1, 2013.


I'm Adnan and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I love wines and experienced some amazing things about it. I lived a big part of my life in Beijing / Shanghai & Dalian, China. I would love to meet some amazing Wine Makers here. We here in Pakistan has some amazing Grapes which usually people just consume and export and some amount get wasted. Our grapes are some of the finest grapes in the world. 

Some amazing grapes pictures from Pakistan, look at those babies :)

I wish to meet  some great people, share my experiences as a Bar-Tender (back in china) and Wine Business Opportunities in Pakistan.

Regards & Love



Reply by JenniferT, May 1, 2013.

Welcome aboard! There are many knowledgeable people here, so I am sure you'll have an opportunity to learn lots. Hopefully vice versa. :)

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