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Hello Everybody!

Posted by dvogler, Nov 25, 2013.

I've often been on Snooth before while researching particular wines, but never really thought about joining the community.  It certainly makes more sense to me than Facebook!

Hopefully, there'll be potential friendships that'll lead to some great wine events!  Myself and a very knowledgeable friend periodically host a wine sharing event, mostly to expose others to enjoying good wine and learning about them and how to distinguish differences.  It's tough sometimes though, because between us we have some darn nice stuff and it'd be nice to share with people who REALLY love wine!  I imagine this is a common thing out there?

Well, I look forward to sharing experiences with red-loving people!



Reply by EMark, Nov 26, 2013.

Welcome DVogler.  I can pretty much guarantee that if you participate, here, you will develop friendships.  Sometimes, we even get together with fellow Snoothers who are geographically convenient and taste some wines together.  Have you seen the Forum entry on the Pinot Throwdown?  Another fun one is the Whatcha Drinking Tonight thread.

We look forward to hearing about wines you are discovering and enjoying.

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 26, 2013.

Welcome DV, feel free to jump in to the discussions. Most of us are red loving, though a lot of us drink our fair share of whites and sweets.

Reply by outthere, Nov 26, 2013.

I'll toss out the welcome mat as well. So, what part of the world do you hail from? Sure would help to know with future events on the horizon. I'm in Northern California, Sonoma County in particular.

Reply by dvogler, Nov 26, 2013.

Thanks for the replies!

I live in Victoria, British Columbia.  Must be tough living in Sonoma!  Ha ha.  My boss' neice lives in Cupertino, and whenever he gets back he tortures me with the tales of killer cabs he quaffed.

BC taxes imports so heavily, it's painful to buy them here when I know in a two hour drive I can get them for nearly half the cost in Seattle.  Of course it's not everything, but most wine is cheaper in USA than Canada, and there's more of the really good stuff from Napa/Sonoma.

Tonight I'm drinking a 2011 Malbec called La Posta (Mendoza) and is $'s okay.  I seldom open anything more than $24 for myself.  I slowly have been accumulating a nice collection of biggies though.

I was researching which of them I might need to set free soon.  Found several. 

I actually lived in Redding for a couple of years (1989-1990).  It was then that I began drinking wine.

I've been trying to support the BC wine industry, but unfortunately, my palate tells me that the stuff I like is $25 plus.  More like $40 plus, but it's because the production is a fraction of most wine regions. 

Jeeze...I'm incredibly long-winded.  I'll stop and enjoy the wine!

Reply by EMark, Nov 27, 2013.

Don't worry about the length of your post.  It has interesting stuff.

I'm not surprised to read your opinion that that wine is more expensive in Canada.  I certainly understand that anything that is imported is going to cost more.  Crossing international borders implies numerous sources of extra fees and expenses.  I am intrigued by your La Posta example.  I had one of those two years ago.  I happened to know that I paid US$12.99 for it at Costco.  Now, Costco is a great place to buy things--generally, very reliable quality and darned good prices.  So, I am sure that the $13 that I paid at Costcl would have been closer to $14-15 at another retailer.  if we add a couple years' inflation we would probably be closer to $15-16 these days.  If we convert USD to CDN I think we are now coming real close to $17 CDN.  Adding import or other taxes to that makes me believe that CDN$19 is about the right price for that La Posta.

Please continue to join us here, and please keep us up to date on the BC wine scene. 

Reply by dvogler, Nov 27, 2013.

Hi Emark,

You're right about some being similar price.  I know products and prices like an idiot-savant, so when I go to Seattle (my wife's from there, so we go see the in-laws several times a year) and check out my favourite wine stores, I see many things that are the same price.  But, I'll see a Beringer Knight's Valley Cab for $22 and in my city it's $45.  It's those ones I search out.  There's stuff we don't have also, like much more Washington and California biggies.  We have a couple of really good stores, but when you go to the "select" section, and see a big Sonoma cab, say a's $100 easy.  The stuff I listed on the new girl's (Victoria...she was talking about BC wine too) post was big BC reds.  There are some fantastic wines from BC, but the production is very small, and most of the good stuff gets bought very quickly, often by restaurants and golf clubs etc., and those with deep pockets.  None of it gets down to the states, and I was told by a wine merchant in Seattle that our government makes it a pain in the butt (go figure).

I'm opening a 2006 Rodney Strong Symmetry tonight (it's decanting as I type).  I'll let you know how it was.  I am drooling with anticipation. 

Reply by dvogler, Nov 28, 2013.

The Rodney Strong Symmetry was not what I'd anticipated.

It was very hot and green, like a sapling.  It probably could have gone several years more.  I decanted it for just over an hour.  At first, there was very strong kirsch/marzipan on the nose.  It was certainly coming across boozy (15.3 %).  It didn't seem like a cab to me (79% cab sav, 10 % malbec, 8 % merlot, 2 % cab franc and 1 % petit verdot).  I was bewildered.  I ended up getting some whole wheat chips and kalamata olives to go with it...after another couple of slowly seemed more agreeable to me.  I then had a splash of the 2010 La Posta malbec next to it, and I felt bad about lambasting it.  It was certainly much more complex than the malbec.  There was something I couldn't quite put my finger on (my friend said it had some menthol notes that indicated more cellar time).  Well, I do have a 2008 Rodney Strong Alexander's Crown (single vineyard cab sav), which I certainly hope hits me with more WOW.

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 28, 2013.

Yeah what's interesting is a '99 Rodney Strong Cabernet was my first love in wines.  Every one since then has disappointed. Feel your pain DV.

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