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Has this happened to you? Wine marketing run amok!

Posted by Richard Foxall, Apr 29, 2013.

Like most people here on Snooth, I get emails from wineries, flash sites, retailers.  I read (or skim) virtually all of them, because I still haven't had enough tedious wine writing.  Last night, a flash site sent me a solicitation for a deal on a wine I drink a fair bit of.  And their pitch was that it had a CellarTracker average score of 92.5. 

Which wasn't incorrect, but I remembered that I had rated that wine on CellarTracker and only one other (rather extravagant) rating appeared at the time, with no comments.  So I checked and, yep, still just the two ratings.  Technically, it's an average, but with a meaningless sample size.  The text also mentioned a couple things about the wine, but they were pretty general, nothing I could say was cribbed from my comments. Of course, they probably wish I had given it a 93 so they could say it had a 94 average, but there I was, bringing the average down to 92.5  (Now I wish I had given it an 89--even at the time, I wondered if I was being a hair to generous and would look back after another bottle and question myself.)

So, have any of you here had wine marketed to you (besides GdP) based on your own ratings, or comments?  Something that you put up on CT or here, and then it shows up in you in box? 

Do you think Parker reads the shelf talkers when he goes to the store? ;-)


Reply by napagirl68, Apr 30, 2013.

Foxall,  Just ignore the marketing!   You know what you like already, right?  It's all just a ploy, and it always is, no matter if it is $200 plus wine or $10 wine.  It is web mining, and rules all forms of internet interest/trade.  I get it a lot on home design sites and fashion sites.  I avoid CT for reasons I mentioned in the past.

I think Parker isn't reading much of anything lately.

Reply by duncan 906, Apr 30, 2013.

You think Robert Parker actually goes to a store and buys his own wine?

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 30, 2013.

That's funny that happened, I'm sure it's going to increase in popularity especially for wines the critics don't score. A good thing about CT data I've found is that it's pretty easy to analyze (or disregard), and it helps put into perspective how arbitrary all scores are, critics included.

There seems to be a movement to refrain from scoring wines by many astute CT users, which at first I was a little resistant to, but now I find myself on board for the most part.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Apr 30, 2013.

Yeah, I think  I see the wisdom in not giving wines numerical scores even for my own reference.  Since I seem to be rating everything in a tiny window anyway, what's it really mean?  Maybe I will confound the Invinos of the world by making up my own quirky system, like a 0-5 glass rating. 

That was completely tongue in cheek about Parker reading shelf talkers, you know.  I thought it was just over the top to compare my moment with his lifetime of seeing his name explicitly in print. 

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