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Has anyone tried the pocket-sized (187 ml) Yellow Tail Shiraz?

Original post by bmulkey, Nov 6, 2012.


I'm rather new to wine. I've only had de-alcoholized red wines from Ariel and I've had some red and white wines with some relatives who really know their wine. I remember enjoying it very much. But recently I've gotten into wine on my own.
I recently picked up some Yellow Tail Shiraz from a nearby Total Wine store. Specifically, I picked up a four-pack of 187 mL Yellow Tail Shiraz bottles. The bottles were screw-capped, glass, and the wine itself was a 2010 vintage (13.5% ABV). I was rather disappointed. The wine had a very bitter, medicine-like taste that burned my throat and made me shudder. It was very hard to drink, and quite nasty. I know better wine exists--the ariels I've tried were much better!  
I should mention that I drank the wine at room temperature--I didn't have time to cool it properly. If I'm correct, red wine can be served around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps the wine was too warm, but then again, it was so bitter and medicine-like that it's hard to believe the wine was just a little too warm. Do any of you more experienced wine enthusiasts have an idea as to what might have gone wrong? I've had wine before--both red and white--and greatly enjoyed it from what I can remember. But maybe wine is an acquired taste after all. Or perhaps you get what you pay for ...
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 13, 2012.

I do find wines under $10 US that are good, but that's a dodgy range.  For 12-15, you can do pretty nicely if you don't have to drink cabernet all the time.  Pinot is tough in that range, but you should be able to get your hands on good PN from NZ and even Oz in that range.  One wine that you can get down there that's almost without rival for the price to quality is Tahbilk Marsanne.  There's a whole thread on here about wines under $13 US. I also started a thread of $100 per week wines. 

For really good wines at good prices, it gets easier as you get more knowledgeable, IMO. That's true even though your standards have gone up. For instance, you know you like Grenache, so you go the wine store and taste when they do a tasting of grenache.  That Chapparral from Navarro is really stunning, and only $12, so you buy three.  You go to an Italian wine tasting and discover that the Northern whites--falanghina, arneis and even the much reviled pinot grigio--are really tasty and way cheaper than Sancerre or even California Sauv blanc.  So you look for deals on those--especially now that Italy is desperate for what we used to call "hard currency."  Also you find the guy from Vouvray who isn't famous but makes a great wine and now you are a fan of Domaine Pichot. Hey, France is struggling, too.  Who cares if California's wineries have recovered and started jacking up prices again? It's five o'clock somewhere, and there's a financial crisis there, too. 

I even enjoyed a Languedoc knockoff of Chateauneuf du Pape last week that I mentioned above and had a $9 ripasso Valpolicello that was quite good.

Things that you can reliably get for around $10 and are good are muscadet sur lie from Sevre et Maine (an AOC in France) or nearby there, some Cotes du Rhones, dry reds from Douro in Portugal, Carmenere from Chile, decent dry Prosecco (that Zonin is ubiquitous and passable, esp for mimosas, but you can do better), some Tempranillos from less-favored areas of Spain, and that's kind of my list of drinking around the horn. 

Reply by zufrieden, Nov 18, 2012.

I think it is time to get a forum going on these cheaper, quality wines.  The problem is that wine is about 15-35% more expensive here in Canada so it is tricky for me to make suggestions on (exact) price.  However, I may give it a go in a week or two.

Reply by bmulkey, Nov 20, 2012.

For those of you that remember my initial complaint against the Yellow Tail Shiraz (see the first post of this thread), I thought you'd be interested to know that I have a comparison to make. I don't know how many of you drink high-proof spirits, but today I tried some Wild Turkey 101 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon. It's good stuff. But at 101 proof, it burns. And the burn is enjoyable when drinking spirits, but not wine. The odd thing is, if memory serves correctly, the Yellow Tail I complained about burned just as much as this 101 proof Whiskey. 

That's how bad it was. Just saying. It's kind of funny too. I hope Yellow Tail is better in 750 mL bottles, because if people really enjoy that kind of burn in their wines, then there are a lot of strange people out there. (Yellow tail does seem to get a lot of good reviews).

But the Wild Turkey is good stuff, especially after dinner. Try it if you dare, oenophiles :)

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