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Happy New Year

Posted by GregT, Jan 1.

To everyone.

Hope you all enjoy some good wine in 2018.

Plenty of troubles in the past year and plenty of good things too, but for both, there's always an appropriate bottle.


Reply by Diego Andrés Díaz, Jan 1.

Happy new year to you too and to all snoothers out there.

Reply by bostonlobsterman, Jan 1.

Greg and all- Here, here, Happy New Year!


Reply by rckr1951, Jan 1.

Same here from frigid Wisconsin to all - Happy New Year!

Reply by dmcker, Jan 2.

And to everyone from Tokyo, where we're wrapping the 2nd already.

New Year's here is like Christmas and Thanksgiving and more rolled into one. Roughly a week or more of no work, plenty of family time, and a ritual purification of the past year's sins (washed away by 108 rings of temple bells from the end of the 31st into the start of the 1st) to start the New Year fresh. Partying's mostly done before this period, through a lot of December. Everyone cleans house, clears old bills, etc., etc. to get that fresh new start right.

That being said, I allowed myself to be pulled by an Ex into going out with a group of largely non-Japanese on NY's Eve, and it turned into a multi-stage large one. Imbibed a wide range of tasty beverages. No photos will be posted.

Anyway, wish it were as easy as mentioned above to get rid of so many things from last year.

Hoping we'll be drinking more to good news this one!

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 2.

Happy New Year all.

We went out to Palm Springs for a party, and back for the first to another, albeit much lower key, but very nice. Neighbor friend opened a Napa Cab that I actually enjoyed after dinner. 

Reply by dvogler, Jan 2.

Happy New Year to everybody.

I hope the Snooth administrator can get this thing back to a respectable site that isn't overrun with garbage.


Reply by Really Big Al, Jan 2.

Happy New Year to all the Snooth forum members.

Reply by GregT, Jan 3.

New, past, and yet to join!

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