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Posted by titan13, Sep 25, 2010.

Hi there, my name is Titan and i'm from Malaysia. I classified myself as fresh in the world of wine because i totally have no knowledge in wine. in Malaysia, there is a lot of wine shop selling different brand of wine and different type of wine as well. Time to time i will have wine with my group of friend but for me every wine taste the same because i don't know how to differentiate it. There is one time in my friend wedding and that is the first time i tasted sweet wine and i like it pretty much but sadly i can't recall which type of wine is that.

Recently, the company i working in wish to start a wine business and i been involve in this new develop business, i think this is the biggest challange that i have in the whole year, from zero knowledge and i have to pick up everything and talk the wine "language".

Hopefully from here I can get some idea on how to start this, where I can find the information and at least learn up some basic before i really start to taste a wine and "communicate" with them.


Reply by zufrieden, Oct 2, 2010.

Interesting.  You have moved from an almost disinterested drinker to one forced to develop some discernment on the basis of business pressure.

You might try (though may not succeed) to get your company to send some of you on a select training mission to learn the basics of wine - the main varietals, regions, brands and trends - as well as the fundamentals of wine tasting and appreciation.

Of course, you can learn all of this on your own (trial and error plus exposure to books), but the more economical way is to take the training.  I'm not sure where in Malaysia you reside, but in Kuala Lumpur or Kuching, for example, I would think a course or two is available to private individuals like yourself if the company won't pony up the money.

In any case, best of luck in this little adventure.  I am pretty certain you won't be disappointed if you decide to master the subject of wine - whether on your own or not.

Reply by annemarkis, Oct 3, 2010.

To learn the lingo of any new specialized topic, I find that watching a bunch of videos on youtube helps you feel out the beat of the language. There's a billion wine tasting videos and such, describing wine, history, techniques etc. I'm partial to anything linked off this site,  but that's mostly because it's my favorite store around me. 

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