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Greek Wines

Posted by arcadonfarm, Aug 10, 2010.


Hi to all of you.

I live in Tripolis, Central Peloponnesus. South Greece, South Eastern Europe.

I have been involved with viticulture and wine making, since 1995, growing and producing wines.

I want to express some ideas, being modest and without wishing to offend anyone.

Finding the “snooth” site, I have realized that we are speaking for dry farming, (as new fashion…) being concerned for the water shortage.

Ok I have no problem with this.

This new fashion of “dry farming” is a necessity and a fact in South European countries, where there is no much water. We can take as example the Greek Islands of Cyclades or the vine yards of Peloponnese, South Greece, where it does not rain from May to September…

The same is happening in other countries with similar weather conditions.

Therefore, I dare to say that our wines, Greek Wines, as result of dry farming, are in fashion and I want to present them to you.

First of all I will give you, with your permission of course, a brief history of the winery  and in other posts I will speak to you for the wines we make.

History – Goals


Our Philosophy


Having winemaking in our blood, fifteen years ago we decided to buy the old winery at Zevgolatio-Arkadia. A place with long history, in wine production.

 This abandoned winery at the foothills of mount St. Nicolas was reborn and wine flowed again through its veins.

 We gave an intense brushstroke in the region, giving life to the refurbished winery.

 After countless hours of sleepless nights, heart beating, risk, laughter and joy but above all hard work we managed to set the bases so that today we can be proud for the wines that we produce.

 From 1995, a milestone in our beginning, our goal is to remain loyal to the quality of the grapes of the VQPRD Mantinia.

 Through the course of time, our wine, rewarded us with its quality and today our products know a high success and demand.




1995: Buying the old winery in Zevgolatio.  Only a few tones produced at the new winery A. GIANNOPOULOU – MANTINIA VINYARDS.

 1998: The first bottling in limited number of bottles. Gradually the production increases. Bottling of the first Dry White VQPRD Mantinia Wine, from red skinned grapes of the Moschofilero variety.

2000: The winery acquired its own modern bottling line and up to today bottled wine volume has doubled.

 2003: The first export to the Canada.

 2006: Production and bottling of the Red Dry AOC Tegea Wine from the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon.

2007: The winery receives grants for a modernization program through the Leader initiative.

 2008: The winery of A. GIANNOPOULOU – MANTINIA VINEYARDS acquires the certification for its Quality and Food Safety Management Programs according to EN ISO 9001-200 and 22000:2005 standards



Winery – Vineyards

 Our winery is located just outside the village of Zevgolatio in Arkadia in the the foothills of the mountain of Saint Nicolas of Varson. It has been renovated and equipped with modern pneumatic press, red grape vinifiers and stainless steel fermentation and stabilization tanks with temperature control system. Our tanks are connected to a nitrogen unit for the protection of the fine wine aromas. Our modern bottling line fully covers our production needs. French wooden barrels of 225L are used for wine maturation and ageing.

 Our winery has private vineyards in the areas of Mantinia and Tegea were we cultivate the varieties of Moschofilero, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Our winery is one of the most interesting trail stops in the Wine Roads of Arcadia, Peloponnese and one can combine a visit with an excursion and other sightseeing such as:


  • The Monastery of Saint Nicolas of Varson.
  • The Archdiocese of Tegeas.
  •  The Sanctuary of ‘Alea’ Athina in Tegea.
  •  The ruins of ancient Mantinia.
  •  The Archeological Museum in Tripoli.
  •  The Water – motor Museum in Dimitsana.
  •  The house of Greek hero of 1821,  Kolokotronis, in Libovisi, an
  • The highest Monastery in Greece, situated in Epano Xrepa, were Kolokotronis      prayed just before the beginning of the Greek revolution in 1821.




 Our Winery was certified in 2008 for:

 Our Quality Management System according to the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and our Food Safety Management System according to the EN ISO 22000:2005 (haccp) standard for the ``Production, Bottling & Wine Sales``.




Reply by dmcker, Aug 10, 2010.

arcadonfarm, welcome to Snooth!

And thanks for all this information on the history and philosophical approach of your winery. Can you tell us more about the wines themselves, including details about how you make them, their styles, tasting notes, where they're marketed outside Greece, etc., etc.? I'm a big fan of Greek wines, and am always looking for more to try.

Also, can we assume that your winery's website is here?

Reply by arcadonfarm, Aug 10, 2010.

Thankyou for your reply.

I will give you, soon,  all the needed details for the wines we are making.

Yes this is our winery's old website.

Please find hereunder the link for the new website.



Reply by dmcker, Aug 10, 2010.

Looking forward to hearing more

So why do you have two websites up?  ;-)

Reply by zufrieden, Aug 11, 2010.

Greek wines, being reasonably priced (at the moment) and of greatly improved quality are actually quite popular as everyday wines in Canada - particularly in Vancouver and Toronto.  In the Peloponnese, I understand that there are good prospects for red wines at higher altitudes from blends with traditional varieties such as Agiorgitiko.  I have not yet perused your website for the answers to a number of questions that come to mind, but would be interested in any further information you may have on wine making in Arcadia.

We definitely need more discussion on Greek wines as many products of Greece simply fall under the radar and that is a shame. 

Reply by zufrieden, Aug 11, 2010.

Also, I forgot to mention that Moscophilero (white) wine is woefully difficult to obtain in Vancouver  - notwithstanding its relative fame in Mantinia. Please let me know which Provinces of Canada you have shipped your wines and to which merchants. 

Reply by bropaul, Aug 15, 2010.

I agree, Zufrieden. We need more discussion of Greek wines here. I really want to learn more about them, Welcome Arcadonfarm! Please share your knowledge of greek wine with us!

Reply by Markus Stolz, Aug 17, 2010.

Hi all, seems like my reply yesterday ran off :) Just to add to the discussion, Mantinia is actually quite a cool wine growing region compared to other areas in the Peloponnese. Moschofilero produces wines that few people would place in Greece if tasted under blind tasting conditions. I am glad to see that you all wish to discuss Greek wines - I am happy to participate.

Reply by arcadonfarm, Aug 18, 2010.

Hi to all of you again(…!)

I was away for some time. No for summer vacations, but just for business.

Sorry I have not replied to all of you, but I will do it right now.\


Reply by dmcker, Aug 10.

Looking forward to hearing more

So why do you have two websites up?  ;-)

Read more:

Dmcker, The first web site was an offer from the Chamber of Commerce of Tripolis, created some years ago. The second is a new effort, which as not finished yer. It need some refresh…

Reply by zufrieden, Aug 11.

Reply by bropaul, Aug 15.

Reply by Markus Stolz, 18 hours ago.

Zufrieden, thank you for your posts.

Well there have been several exports to Monteal, back in 2003 to 2005, but unfortunately the Greek importer in Canada , Nomikos, was his name, moved to US and he stopped the wine biz.

Also from 2007 till 2009 we were exporting to Chicago, to a Greek  importer named MITROPOULOS, but since then and as his children changed their  activities creating a depot for frozen foods, they stopped getting involved in wines market.

Therefore, there is no distributor either in US or in Canada, for the time being. Hope some time, an interest will appear and you will all have the pleasure of tasting Greek wines.

 Well, yes, the Greek wines are “reasonably priced”, but as there is no promotion or financial support from the central Authorities and whatever is done, Is done by the winemakers efforts and nothing else.

 Can anyone, please, give me an example of price for a Greek white or red fresh wine, bottled in  0.75ml bottles, you might have found in your area?

 The good and acceptable Greek wines, for instance the Moschofilero Mantinia one, is leaving the winery with a price of aprx four (4) Euro ( 1 Euro = 1.30 USD today’s rate) =  5.20 USD the 0.75ml bottle.

The plateau of Tripolis, has an altitude of 670 meters from the sea with cold ( -10C up to 5C )  and humid winters and dry hot ( 30C-35C) days in summer with cool (15C-25C) nights.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the red vine of the region which has very well adjusted to this climate.

 Agiorgitiko is another appellation of origin wine,  produced in Nemea, located near Mykines and Argos, with warmer climatic conditions.

 We  use  this very good  wine instead for Merlot to blend it with Cabernet. This combination gives a very good result to the final wine.

 There are very good wines all over Greece and their characteristics and quality depends on the region of production and how responsible is the winemakers of this area. You have to trust the small winemakers, as they care more for the wine ( to krasi – pronounced KRASSEE), than the big ones which have the ability to import must in cheap prices from other regions of Greece ( we shall talk for them another time…)

 The best seller, though, of the white wines of Arcadia is Moschofilero.

It can be planted, as vine, in other areas or countries, but due to the climatic conditions and the soil of Mantinia- Zevgolatio ( the areas of  designated origin ) it gives the aromas and the specific acidity to the Moschofilero wine.

 We use the juice of the crashed grapes and the first pressure ( we call them PROROGOS or PROTOLATEES ) for the bottled MOSCHFILERO MANTINIA VQPRD, which gives a white yellowish colored  wine with green apple and pear taste, mixed with the strong acid effect in your mouth, ( if you are not familiar with this taste, you might misunderstood the pure behavior of the wine),  leaving an distinctive after taste.  The juice from the rest pressures, is used for the bottled table wine or bulk distributed MOSCHOFILERO, with darker to yellow color.

 I will give you more details and photos from the winery and the vineyards, now I am back and I will try to find ways for you all to taste  Greek wines.

 Thank you for your patience.

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