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Graphical representations

Posted by kevchan, Jun 14, 2007.

I posted some suggestions on the facebook group, but thought I might put them up here too.

I think the snooth experience needs more interaction/depth to draw the user in, and I think the content enrichment and friends aspects you are working on will help to do that.

A couple of ideas that I think would be good is

1) Map of world showing wines you have rated (start off with countries, but eventually drill down i.e. France will be split into regions). So I've rated 12 french and 2 Argentinian and you can show that on the map either by "heat" or graphical tower (ala forbes rich list) or number. Maybe overlay data on how on average you rate those wines, again heat map stlye or otherwise?

2) Now the map could also allow you to drill down into content (as I mentioned in a previous post) ie info on region, soil, rainfall, characteristics of wine/varietals

3) The other thing you could do is show the number of different varietals rated (Red wine, White wine, Champ etc) could do a stacked bar chart with varietal, Merlot, Cab Sauv, Syrah. This is actually good information for a drinker as he will discover trends in his own tastes. ie. that he consistently likes Syrah, or every Chardonnay he's had he's hated. Or that in fact he need to rate more whites or broaden his tastes.

What do ppl think?


Reply by gr, Jun 14, 2007.

I second all of these, especially the maps.

Facebook group? There's spin-off social networking sites about social networking sites? Web 2.OMG hurtz.

Reply by Philip James, Jun 15, 2007.

maps! you guys will be the reason mark and I die young...

1 and 3 are feasible in the not too distant future - graphically representing pre existing data isnt too hard, but 2 is a giant undertaking. what i'm banking on is the wineries themselves get involved and help us build this stuff. otherwise any volunteers to collect global rainfall data?

Reply by gr, Jun 15, 2007.

I maintain that just the use-google-maps API is enough as a first pass, and may be enough overall, absent a source for those other overlays. I was seconding primarily the first point there: that's a wheel you don't have to reinvent, just have to have other functions we're both well aware need to be priorities out of the way to have the time.

I just went back and read point three. I agree with that one too, and I think the interface for charting trends, both in a users drinking habits, in the availability of wines, in the price and perceived quality of certain wineries/regions, and so forth would be a wonderful addition. Like, next year some time. I recommend stealing the interface wholesale from, though that's line graphs not the bar charts (or pie charts, I saw a good AJAX sample of a pie chart not too long ago that moved around and zoomed and stuff) that Kev(in?)'s asking for. Note especially the ways in which you can rescale the chart and move it around in intuitive ways (ala google maps, natch).

Reply by kevchan, Jun 15, 2007.

On Point 2, I know thats a big ask, but some of the wine producing regions have done alot of this work (ie. New Zealand has a wealth of info about regions, soil etc on various tourist/winery websites). Again one for the future, but would add great depth.

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