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Grand Cayman

Posted by Philip James, Jul 8, 2008.

A little late on this one, but I sneaked off to Grand Cayman to hide for my 30th birthday (30th June, so last week basically).

No grapes grown to my knowledge, but they had a lot of imports available. Cayman (my first time there) is really Americanized. Slightly depressingly so... I didnt fly 2,000 miles to buy American candy, eat mediocre, and overpriced, Italian food and so on.

Luckily its a big enough island to get away from all that stuff. The west side is for tourists, time shares and cruise ships. The east side is where the locals live, and the intrepid tourists go:

We stayed in a place called the Reef Resort (, which is basically a great place to go and do nothing. Sand, sun and rum punch were basically the order of the day. I drank a few bottles of wine, including the tetrapack box wine "Bandit" which was rather good, but most of the time was spent drinking overly sweet rum based cocktails (pina colada, rum punch, painkiller, cayman lemonade being my favorites).

Snorkeling and scuba are the primary activities on the island, and i took a trip to Stingray City (see below):

Its a pretty unique place - basically a shallow sand bar where the sting rays have been fed for so long that they are very docile and dont mind being prodded and picked up by us folk. Its voted the worlds best snorkeling trip, although standing in waist deep water isnt really snorkeling.

Its a lot of fun though, even down to the point where a stingray bit me while i was feeding it some squid.

They dont have teeth, as we know them, but they have a powerful suction mouth and then these serrated rows of bone, i guess, which they use to crush shellfish. Old stingy didnt mean to bite me, just to get that squid, but the teeth rasped my hand pretty good.

Fun times!


Reply by VRider, Jul 8, 2008.

Have you visit some interesting scuba diving locations? Pictures, pictures! :-)

Reply by oceank8, Jul 9, 2008.

Beautiful picture! I am leaving early tomorrow morning to Puerto Villarta for some snorkeling and relaxing. Don't think I'll see anything quite this unique but we are planning to swim with the dolphins, should be fun.

Reply by Philip James, Jul 9, 2008.

VRider - i didnt do any scuba diving sadly, but i hear its excellent there. They are right by an oceanic plate, so there's a vertical drop off to 6,000 feet that you can dive (partway) down and see how the sea life changes with depth

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