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Got Blaufrankisch?

Posted by VeniVidiVini, Sep 12, 2007.

A while back The New York Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov wrote about blaufrankisch , an Austrian/German grape varietal that produces an earthy red wine that I personally love. Asimov noted that the wine may not have gained the popularity it deserves in the US because people are unable to pronounce its name. "Think of how many potentially pleasurable experiences await if we can get past the strangeness of names and taste the wines," Asimov noted.
I agree. My first blau experience was at New York City 's Ocean Grill where I tried Long Island winery Channing Daughters ' version. I chose it because my family and I wanted something reasonably priced (it was then $38 or so) and because I'd never heard of this varietal and couldn't pronounce it (I'm the adventurous type). Bottom line - I was curious and it was cheap.
The wine was surprisingly delicious (to Ocean Grill's credit, the server explained it beautifully and encouraged us to try it) and food-friendly. My parents liked the fruit, I liked the rusticity. We all appreciated the price. Blaufrankisch had gained some needed American fans.
I mention this now, because fall is almost here and Blau is the perfect fall wine. Asimov noted in his blog that he had tried it at the West Village Southeast Asian restaurant Fatty Crab and it worked well with a spicy meat/seafood dish. It was also well-suited to the fish dishes my family and I had at Ocean Grill.
If you can't find the Channing Daughters Blau (it's a small production wine that is virtually always sold out), try the Austrian Paul Achs Blau (I believe it's organic too!). And please remember to add your ratings to Snooth- we want to know what you're drinking…


Blog comment by Lynn Hoffman, Sep 12, 2007.

I just got back from another wine trip to Austria. You can find hundreds of great bottles of juicy, earthy blaufränkisch for under ten buck and a gazillion under twenty.
By far the best thing to do is it visit, particularly the Burgenland region just south of Vienna. It's where the Viennese go to get away and drink lots of Blau.

you can find out more at and get some great travel help at

--Lynn Hoffman, author of THE NEW SHORT COURSE IN WINE and
the novel bang BANG. ISBN 9781601640005

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