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Posted by cainfury, Jun 20, 2014.

Found Snooth by accident.  My wife and I are from Northern California, love wine, all kinds.  But that said, I am curious if anyone has found a Valpolicella "type" wine, Ripasso, or otherwise Italian style wine made here in Nor Cal.  I bumped into a winemaker in Auburn a couple of years ago who made a Ripasso wine (it was awesome); but he makes it no more.  Amador, Placer, Nevada, or El Dorado county wineries are really close for me, but I would drive to Napa if such a wine (good wine) were available. 


Thanks for any help.




Reply by dvogler, Jun 20, 2014.


Welcome to the forum!  You'll get several responses I'm sure.  I'm in Canada, but I lived in Redding for a few years, I know your area.  There are many California regulars here.  I love Amarone and Ripasso, but I would be skeptical of versions that aren't from Verona!

Reply by napagirl68, Jun 20, 2014.

Agree with DV....

But, there are folks making Barbera and Sangiovese in CA.   Not a Ripasso by any means, but perhaps a style you would like.  Andis up in Amador makes a Barbera I tasted a few years ago that was decent, but I have not tasted lately.

Reply by cainfury, Jun 21, 2014.

There are probably too many Barbera's in Amador, but the weather and altitude are great.  What a shame. So my next question is....where is a good wine import store where I can find Venturini's Valpolicella?  I saw one in Oakland, but they only wholesale in large quantities.  I would like a case of the Valpolicella Classico, (not Ripasso, but still excellent)


Reply by napagirl68, Jun 21, 2014.

You could try Paul Marcus in Oakland, but it looks like is out, so I am thinking you are out of luck.  Or try JJBuckley....    sorry!

Reply by GregT, Jun 21, 2014.

Ripasso, or otherwise Italian style wine made here in Nor Cal

"Italian style" is vague. If you mean ripasso specifically, that's probably going to be hard to find because first people would have to make an Amarone type wine to get the skins for the ripasso. I've seen them in other countries but can't remember ever seeing them in the US so I'd be really interested if anyone found one. I would take the drive too!

There are, as mentioned, grapes that are thought of as Italian - Zinfandel being one of them, and there are other kinds of wine - late harvest, sparkling, etc., that have analogs in Italy, but good luck on the ripasso!


Reply by cainfury, Jun 21, 2014.

I appreciate the replies. I'll admit the request was "vague", but in the interest of brevity I didn't go into detail. 

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