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Gift Exchange Reveal/Drink Date

Posted by JonDerry, Nov 30, 2012.

Well most everyone has received their wines and have had them resting for a while. Unfortunately, we had a few shipping issues along the way, but all in all I think we did pretty good. Foxall is the only one not to have received anything yet, while Shi's SS wasn't heard from, but luckily an elf stepped in and sent her some wine. Finally, it looks like Eric's shipping saga appears to have come to a close today. 

Assuming two weeks from now works for most of us, here are some potential dates for us to open these wines and reveal who gifted what to who (for those that don't already know).

Tuesday, 12/12 - Wednesday, 12/13 - Thursday, 12/14

As far as how we get together, the least we could do is create a thread here to post on...some could take it a step further and make a video of what they thought of their gifted wine/s. Ideally, we could have a virtual tasting on Snooth but I haven't heard back from GdP so we'll have to see about that. Alternatively, we could try a Google hangout, that could accommodate up to 10 people, or any other ideas people might have.

I'd assume for most West Coasters, we'd be ready to go by about 6-630, which would make it 9-30 for those out East. Obviously, the hope is that we can get as many people as possible to participate, so whatever works for everyone. Looking forward to it.

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Reply by outthere, Nov 30, 2012.

Any of those 3 will work for me.

Reply by jtryka, Nov 30, 2012.

I will be in NYC on Tuesday 12/11 and Wednesday 12/12, so I won't be able to bring the wine with me on the plane, so Thursday 12/13 would work for me.

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 2, 2012.

Maybe it's not so feasible to have everyone get together on the same day, so I'll go ahead and reveal the pairings on Wednesday, the 13th and we can all chime in as we drink the wines, be it Wednesday, Thursday, or beyond. 

Between the Sicilian wine I got from my SS, and a nice looking Washington Bordeaux Blend from JT, I'll have my hands full. For all EG's troubles with UPS, he wound up getting two wines in the end, one from the boards SS and one from his assigned SS. Nice!

Still no word on Fox's assigned SS wine, though I did send him a 2010 Burg last week that he can use and report back on as his alternate. 

Reply by Mike Madaio, Dec 2, 2012.

This time of year is always crazy, so I like the idea of revealing on that Weds and then finding some time to drink/post notes through the weekend.

Reply by shsim, Dec 4, 2012.

Thank you Elf! I agree with Mike. Revealing on Wednesday sounds good and then posting on a thread about drinking notes over a period of time! :) 

I was wondering if anyone received wine that might not be good for opening now? 

Reply by outthere, Dec 4, 2012.

"I was wondering if anyone received wine that might not be good for opening now?"

Nothing that can't be resolved with a decent decanting. Right?

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 4, 2012.

Shi, if a decant doesn't work and the wine truly isn't ready to go, there's always day two after putting the cork in and sticking it in the fridge after the first night. Else you could always open the wine in the morning and let it slowly oxidize over the day. Pouring about a half glass after opening the wine would speed it up even more, allowing more oxygen to get in the bulk of the wine in the bottle.

 Sounds like fun decanting experiment may be about to take place ; )

Reply by Lucha Vino, Dec 5, 2012.

Starting Wednesday and continuing on until the wine is gone sounds good to me. 

One of my favorite things about wine is how it gets better over time.  I will be letting mine open up over a few days as it is a 2011 vintage and am interested to see how it changes!


Reply by Eric Guido, Dec 5, 2012.

So between 12-12 and 12-14 is the plan?  


I think we should also have a hashtag on twitter, like #SnoothSecretSanta


This should be fun.


Did Foxall ever get a bottle?

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 5, 2012.

We'll find out tonight when my wife gets back from the office.  I'm keeping fingers crossed.  Thanks for all your concern. 

In any event, I feel like Santa came in the form of the great wines we drank at dinner, EG! This year, my Snooth friends have introduced me to two great Cali Syrahs (Alturas and Jemrose, thanks OT, who likes the kind of Syrah I do--bacon/olive infused fruit with a terrific backbone--I've got to share some N. Rhones with him soon), a murky but marvelous Beaucastel (JD, props for that, we'll do it again with those 2010s and tide ourselves over with mourvedre in Feb), and those bottles we shared in NYC.  When you drink good wine with good people, it's holiday season all the time.

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 6, 2012.

I'm guessing no dice tonight Fox, though tomorrow's another day.

Just to recap, here are the players in the SS game...a few of you already know who your SS is, though some of you may wonder.

-Eric Guido




-Greg T

-Jakob Pippin

-Jon Derry

-Jtryka (late entry, hint: he's not your ss)


-Mike Madaio




Reply by Mike Madaio, Dec 6, 2012.

"a few of you already know who your SS is, though some of you may wonder."

I know who my SS is, but I don't know who I gave to! (the username)

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 7, 2012.

Hey, my bottle arrived, my wife just has to get it home from the office.  She was out from M-W, so it probably arrived T or W--thanks SS! I'm going to open the box tonight in case it needs chilling.  Like a kid at Christmas I am!

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 7, 2012.

The eagle has landed, we're ready to roll!

Reply by outthere, Dec 8, 2012.

I'll be joining in Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking forward to it.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 9, 2012.

My SS left a clue to his identity, all good.  Looking forward to trying the Chilean Cab Sauv--the bottle is hefty indeed, and the label most elegant.  I'm considering a blind tasting with some favorite Cal Cab.

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 11, 2012.

Here are all the SS matches, a little anti-climactic for some, but they should be pretty self-explanatory...the arrows point to the recipient, with the SS's on the left.

Hope you all enjoy your wines and I look forward to the discourse that's sure to ensue ; )


-Eric Guido------->Outthere

-Eva---------------->Jakob Pippin



-Greg T------------>Mike Madaio

-Jakob Pippin--->Foxall

-Jon Derry------->Eric Guido, Jtryka

-Jtryka ----------->Jon Derry


-Mike Madaio--->Jon Derry



Reply by Eric Guido, Dec 11, 2012.

Enjoy the wine Outthere.  I've been loving the 2010's in the southern Rhone.

I'm excited to try mine.  I'm at a dinner/tasting tomorrow, but Thursday is free.

Reply by outthere, Dec 11, 2012.

I popped it open last night Eric and am going to follow it through Wednesday evening. It needed the time to open up based on results so far. Let me know what you think of the wine from Astor when you get around to opening it.


Reply by outthere, Dec 11, 2012.

My Secret Santa, Eric Guido, sent me a 2010 Montirius Gigondas Terres des Aines

80% Grenache 20% Mourvèdre, 14.5% ABV, Certified Biodynamic

Dark ruby red. On pop n pour the nose is muted and not giving off anything. Palate showing ripe blackberry, a touch of vanilla and tart dried cherries up front but kinda closed up till it finishes off with gritty green tannins. 2 hours in the nose is hinting at some fruit but is still pretty darn quiet. Palate is dark red tart fruit. Recorked and sent to the cellar.
Day 2  the nose is still restrained, fruit went from blackberry to strawberry and maraschino cherry with a creamy texture, nice acidity and still pretty powerful tannins. Needs another day to settle down but coming around nicely. That maraschino cherry note caught me off guard. Kinda cool.

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