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Georges Dubceuf Beajolais 2005

Posted by Noddy, Nov 20, 2008.
Details for Saint-Amour Aoc

O k. SO I decide to jump in and try some of the wine available in my area. I tried subject wine and was pleased! I am by no means versed in the way to describe a wine, but I will try, so bear with me. I uncorked and let it breath in the glass for about 10-15 minutes. The aroma was very fruity with an equal amount of flowers. Tasting it I found it to be smooth on my tongue with a slight warmth to it. There is a nice mellow finish in the form of a fruity aftertaste. The bottle says it has "very nice character and is fruity, elegant, harmonious and well-balanced." So there you have it in a very beginners layman's terms! Anyone that has also tried this wine, feel free to correct my description..please!


Reply by oceank8, Nov 21, 2008.

Great description, sounds like what I would expect from a Beajolais. Glad you found something you like, this is a nice starting point!

Reply by Philip James, Nov 21, 2008.

Noddy - thanks for the description. I clicked on the link in this thread and that wine has no revews yet - if you copy your review and leave it there then you'll have the honor of being the "first to review" that wine.


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