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GDP's "6 Current Issues in the Wine Industry" Article

Posted by EMark, Nov 1, 2011.

I was unable to post a comment to this article, yesterday.  The fact that there are no comments at all there idicates that I might not be alone.  So, I am pasting the comments that I tried to make to that article here on the Forum.

This is an interesting article. 

I have hated 100-point ratings for almost as long as I have been drinking wine.  Unfortunately, the 100-point scale has become the "currency of the trade" (credit to Charles Olken).  The five point scale depicted on your first slide is perfectly functional.  The wineglass scale that Snooth uses is exactly the same.  This is good enough.

Kudos on your five percentage point margin of error estimate.  That is, probably, very close.

Many years ago I seem to recall reading about a rating mechanism (developed by some university professors?) that assigned a maximum of 20 points to five different dimensions of wine evaluation.  I do not remember the dimensions but would guess that they were something like sight, nose, palate sensation, balance, after taste.  So, a "perfect" wine would score 5 X 20 or, voila, 100 points.  I don't think this algorithm is actually used by anybody these days.  At least I have never seen anybody break down their rating by dimension.

I'm not sure I agree with your issue with Arrogant Wine Writers.  "Arrogant" is a part of the job description for wine writers (and posters on Snooth).  If anything, the expression "Arroogant Wine Writers" is a redundancy.  Most people expect it and are able to discount writers's arrogance.  The ones that don't are the ones who buy into 100-point ratings or price as the determining factor of a wine's worthiness. I really don't have a problem somebody using that kind of decision-making process.  I can't afford to buy that way, but, then again, the list of things that I cannot afford is very,very lengthy.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Nov 1, 2011.

We should trade lists someday!

Thanks for the  response, I relaly apprecaite the effort. And yes, judging from the totla lack of repsonse I am afraid something went wrong there. Sad since this is a fairly important set of issues. It's time fo most of us to stop taking ourselves so seriourly, except for consumers, they need to take their own tastes and the minds and palates of good wine shop folk more seriously.

I'm off to get prepped for tonights big virtual tasting but will return to continue this conversation tomorrow!


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