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Gaining Momentum

Posted by Philip James, Apr 11, 2007.

I noticed yesterday that the Snooth site/story got picked up by as well as the Museum of Modern Beta's (MoMB). The latter a fantastic tongue in cheek site cataloging the proliferation of sites seemingly in perpetual beta. They do have a list of luminaries which includes Google News and, so I'm not too bothered yet.

We went into alpha at the start of last week, and will be in beta before the end of this month. We'll open the site fully shortly thereafter.

It was another busy day as we welcomed the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition and the San Diego International Wine Competition to Snooth. We'll be able to display their wine awards on the site which will further allow users to make informed decisions. There's a lot more in the pipeline - stay tuned.


Reply by amour, Dec 31, 2009.

We wish you ................steady progress.......
We thank you all for a great education .

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