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For others subject to the PLCB...

Posted by gr, Mar 13, 2008.

A new column on the (also new, spinoff) blog may be handy:

"In our new column It’s Vintastic!, Phoodie wine guy Collin Flatt profiles wines under 20 bucks that can β€” shocking! β€” actually be found in PA state stores!"

His first review is of (which, I note, doesn't have any Snooth ratings as yet)...


Reply by Rodolphe Boulanger, Mar 13, 2008.

Don't you think its time that phanatic Philly phlock cool it with the ph- phad. It is phlaky, unphlattering and no longer phunny. I thought it would phizzle out on its own - what a phalse belieph that was!

If you can't find what you want at the PLCB's stores, their product catalog is now available online. They have a large list of items that can be special ordered.

Also, their direct shipping program has expanded substantially.

Reply by gr, Mar 13, 2008.

Hey, cheer up, they could have called the column phintastic (but then I guess people would have thought it was about seafood restaurants). But yeah, that horse is a bit (oh dear) over-phlogged, and it seems like it's almost all Joey Sweeney's fault (even Phawker, which is doubly-derivative, and was [re]coined by the other Philebrity founder when the two... ahem, parted ways). He lives within walking distance of my place if you'd like to go explain that to him.

I've seen that catalog before (and I think it's JUST GREAT that they keep the thing as a PDF, which makes documents "portable" while much more irritating to search--go technology!), but I've always been hazy on whether a "convenience" charge would be tacked on, but I suppose that a central record of stock is a hidden benefit of state controlled liquor stores.

Your second link, incidentally, points up another way to check their catalog: -- that's way more useful to suck recommendations out of Snooth and see which (if any) are available through the PLCB.

It also exposes an edge case in Mark's url recognition. Apparently pipe's not a stop word. (Never mind that that's a stupid use of url encoding, all it does is manipulate the hierarchical menu on the left side of their page, which belongs in a specific user's state, not in something they will copy and paste.)

Reply by SusieJ, Mar 15, 2008.

Good gravy, that's a hideous design.

The column, however, makes me want to run to the liquor store and stock up.

OK, I need little excuse to stock up. But really, living in PCLB country makes it so frustrating to read anything about wine because most times you can't find that bottle in the store.

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