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Food trucks & wine: more complexity in matching?

Original post by dmcker, Jan 7, 2012.
Edited Jan 7, 2012

Greg DP's series of articles on matching wines to fastfood has been entertaining for me, and I assume others. It was always a private challenge of mine, I thought, until he went public with it. I grew up on the West Coast, and though I've gone even further west across the Pacific since then, I still visit that part of the States most, and have sentiments and lifestyle appetites more specific to that locale's culture than NYC or Boston or other places on the East Coast where I've spent some time.

'Fast Food' in California still doesn't have to be crap food, if you know the area, or know someone who knows the area you're visiting. Now that 'someone' may also be on the web (including Twitter). I loved the holes-in-the-wall spots for Mexican and other takeout when I was younger (Johnny's in Ventura is the first of what became many). Now I still get a treat from taco trucks and other food trucks when I'm traveling through CA. Los Angeles has been a center for taco (and other food) truck culture, but I've also had great tacos off trucks in San Fran, Oakland and elsewhere.


Greg, if you ever do make it over to CA for your West Coast Snooth group tasting, or on your usual rushed trips to CA wine regions, would be interesting if you could take time out to visit a taco or other food truck or two, and then we could see an article on your take on how to match wines to taco trucks! Of course, that extra element of complexity I mentioned in the title centers around the fact that sometimes you're driving to the truck--or if walking from the office for lunch, may not have access to wine or may face city ordinances limiting alcoholic beverages in certain eating spaces. Nonetheless, I've managed some workarounds other than just taking the stuff home, and I'm sure others have, too. And I know barbera and gsm blends, SB, chard, riesling, bubbly and even txacoli work well with all sorts of tacos! Won't go here into all the beers that do, too, starting backwhen with Sierra Nevada ales and the aforementioned Johnny's fare, sitting down at surfer's point watching the rides...

So when I was talking to someone a couple days ago about those taco trucks, she asked me to turn her on to some in LA (which seems a center of this culture which has since spread all over the place, not only in CA but to many other states as well). Below is what I sent her earlier today, and I thought I'd share:


Here's probably more than you might want to know about Taco Trucks in LA right now. All quick reads, tho, and (I think) quite interesting. The first one is where I got those photos.  

They seem to be going mainstream, so you've got Huff Post, Women's Wear Daily, of course the likes of Yelp and even reality show planners all over it; thus also the inevitable LA Times story about how they're making a turn towards the darkside of commercialism...

Oh yeah, and a nationwide Google Map!      

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Reply by Richard Foxall, Jun 5, 2012.

Okay, taco copters are one thing, but you know you have to take the food truck seriously when the taco truck arrives in Paris. Then the damn French will claim they invented pairing wine with food trucks except we know better... except we all talked about the trucks but never did the pairings.  GdP, pick up the bat phone! Write the article, or assign it to Eric Guido or someone.

Direct importing masa harina, that's devotion to your craft, friends.

Oh, and if you want to do the food trucks in Oakland when you get out here, GdP, they are congregating in my neighborhood on Friday nights, two blocks away.  As if we needed more dining choices.

Reply by dmcker, Jun 5, 2012.

They're not only in the Temescal, are they??

Unfortunately Tokyo still only has shwarma/kebab trucks and the now very rare roast chicken variation. They're even fewer than they were 10 years ago, thanks to draconian parking regs....

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jun 5, 2012.

No, not only in the Temescal, but there's a congregation of them on Fridays.  The roadblocks to it have been apparently removed.  Let's see:  Perfect summer weather, abundant food trucks, two block walk.  Why am I going to Europe for three weeks?  I'm in heaven now.

Actually, that might increase the value of my house in a swap for lodging. 

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