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Food pairing... Borage ravioli (raviolis de bourrache) paring

Posted by napagirl68, Feb 25, 2011.

An odd dish, I am sure.  But I happen go grow tons of herbs/veg, and always have tons of borage.  I happened upon this recipe in an older french cookbook.... the filling is borage, herbs, and chevre.   Topped with stock, butter and sage leaves.   Seems like it is a dish from Cagnes.

Any wine pairing suggestions?


Reply by Stephen Harvey, Feb 27, 2011.


I learn something new everyday - never heard of Borage - anyway did the Google bit, see excerpt from Wiki

The leaves and flowers were originally used in Pimms before it was replaced by mint.

Maybe Pimms is the answer?

As for wine, Borage has some German ancestry so maybe Riesling, I am guessing but maybe a sweeter one

Good Luck

Reply by napagirl68, Feb 27, 2011.

thanks, SH.  I have not cooked with my borage before... I knew it was edible, but wasn't sure what to do with it.  I happened to be looking through old cookbooks, which is a favorite pasttime, and saw the recipe.  It did not give any wine suggestion tho.  I grow the borage because I like the tiny purple flowers.  I may try this recipe when I get a large production.

Reply by dmcker, Feb 28, 2011.

Since borage is often used as an oil source, I wonder if it could be cooked in ways similar to mustard greens? I use them a lot, in ranges of recipes from Japanese to Italian, but haven't cooked with borage before.

I've eaten it in the Mediterranean before, a couple of times, and remember a cucumberish flavor. That being the case I'd tend to want to match a white. With the chevre included, perhaps a sauvignon blanc? Preferably French for me and definitely not NZ--even with the one or two off those islands that aren't utter crap the flavor strength would tend to overpower.

One from the Loire would work, certainly. I'm also thinking champers. Could come up with some acidic Italian and Spanish alternatives if I thought further, but it's off to bed right now....

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