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Filter Search?

Posted by kevchan, Apr 14, 2007.

Drill down search menu? or filter? 4 or 5 stage. ie you can select 4/5 filters. have 4 or five columns (or drop down menus), 1st filter column for example select "Red", 2nd "French", 3rd "Bordeaux", 4th "1990". Results auto update and appear below the engine. Problem with a general search with multiple tags is that it doesnt necessarily know what priority the tags are in.

This would give me the ability to change my next filter based on the results of the previous filter.

Or how about a search builder, where I drag and drop search tags (click to add) into a search building window. so I drag "French", then "White", then "Dessert".


Reply by Philip James, Apr 18, 2007.

KC - good ideas! we plan to do the latter one basically. On the left hand nav bar, below 'remove from search' will be 'add to search'. if you haven't selected a price, varietal, region, etc it will suggest them there. It's going to take us a couple of weeks to finish whats on our plate to get to this, but its coming!

I dont think the order matters here. If you select 'red' then 'french', I don't think its different from 'french' then 'red'.


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