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Fighting counterfeits

Posted by Philip James, Sep 14, 2007.

Back on the trail here, after talking about this here and here . Prooftag has now launched with tamper proof, uncopiable, seals. Already in use by 4 wineries (3 in France and 1 in Canada), basically, what we're talking about here is a plastic strip with an embedded gel pack. When you open the bottle you break the seal. The seal can't easily be re-engineered as each contains a unique pattern of bubbles. The seal also has a number printed on it, which can be verified online. Go to the Prooftag site, type in the number and they will show you the bubble pattern.

At 20 cents to $1, its not cheap, but for a $50 bottle the price should impact the resale too much. This will certainly deter the casual heist-master, but theoretically it would be possible to re-engineer the bubble for large scale fraud. Theoretically. Anyone know how much a gel bubble generator producing machine goes for these days?

How good is it? To be honest I'm not sure. Even their website is rather clandestine about the whole thing.Either way, its good to see continued innovation here.


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