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Fête of many good things Burgundian in New York; dark horse discoveries and tastings in Napa

Posted by dmcker, Jan 12, 2011.

Well if I was on either the right or left coasts in the US during the coming month, I know where I'd be at least part of the time. NapaGirl, note the interesting new (for me, anyway) cab franc ACME's introducing. Finally, who knows how the formatting on this is going to appear....



La Paulee de New York

La Paulée Returns to New York
February 10-12, 2011

La Paulée de New York 2011
will feature the cuisine of

Daniel Boulud, Tom Colicchio, Daniel Humm and Michel Troisgros


Domaine de L'Arlot Dom. François & Antoine Jobard Domaine Ballot-Millot Domaine des Lambrays Domaine Simon Bize & Fils Domaine Michel Lafarge Domaine Alain Burguet Domaine des Comtes Lafon Maison Champy Domaine François Lamarche Château de Chorey Domaine Leflaive Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Olivier Leflaive Maison Deux Montille Soeur et Frère Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair David Duband Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils Maison Joseph Drouhin Domaine Pierre Morey Domaine Faiveley Domaine Georges Mugneret-Gibourg Domaine Fourrier Potel-Aviron Château Fuissé Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Domaine Alain Gras Domaine Roulot Domaine Jean Grivot Domaine Georges Roumier Hospices de Beaune Domaine Armand Rousseau Maison Louis Jadot Domaine Etienne Sauzet A selection from the Village of Meursault   Once again we will be joined by the jovial voices of
Les Cadets de Bourgogne!

La Paulée is my homage to La Paulée de Meursault, a convivial Burgundian fête shared by growers and their guests. At La Paulée guests will sample current releases and older vintages from over twenty of the most sought after Domaines of Burgundy. The wine service will be led by fifty of our nation's most noted sommeliers.

Of course, we couldn't feature the world's finest wines without providing our guests with cuisine from the finest chefs. Our Chef D’Honneur, Daniel Boulud, will welcome other leading chefs to collaborate on an unforgettable menu.

We invite you to New York to share in the bonhomie found in Burgundy as you meet its most sought after winemakers, experience superb wines, and feast on the cuisine of some of the world's leading chefs!


Daniel Johnnes






ACME discoveries and free Friday night tastings...

We mean business today

Our jobs get more satisfying every day, it seems, for instance when we have people like Tom Garrett, Ursula Hermacinski, and Aaron Pott coming by all in one week to show us their newest and finest line of can't miss and have to have wines.  For anyone who buys from us regularly, quickly scroll down to the first wine, this bit is not for you.  But, for the group of people who like to read our newsletters and don't always take advantage of the wines we holler about, we beseech you.  There is no better time than right now to take advantage of what ACME is all about.  This ACMeLOG is the poster child for our efforts.  We hope you take the time to dabble a bit in this offering.  We promise we won't bite---just click on the links or email us directly.  We'll make this as easy as possible and your efforts will be rewarded with these incredible wines.  Whattya say? 

From the most flawless nook in the Western hills of Oakville comes Detert Cabernet Franc. Tom Garrett is the winemaker at Revana, where he and consulting winemaker Heidi Barrett make some very beautiful wines. Additionally, Tom, his brother John, and their cousin Bob are the stewards of the Detert Family Vineyard, a property their grandparents (the Deterts) bought in 1953, and home to what could be the oldest plantings of Cabernet Franc in the Napa Valley. Their corner of Oakville is flanked by illustrious names like Far Niente, Harlan and To Kalon, and for decades the family has sold their Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc to their neighbors, the Mondavis. Back in 2000, Tom started making wine under their own label: Detert Family Vineyards.  Classic, superbly crafted wine.  Great job, Tom.

Aaron Pott is known for many things great with regards to winemaking and, more recently noticed, prose. He tells of his wines with such passion and we hope his passion through our words is enough to pull you in. These are wines that should not be missed. We tried his new line-up of releases last week and have decided that these are true ACME wines. We love that whether we find the wines or they find us, small production, high quality wines are what we have been commissioned, so to speak, to find for our clientele. It is our job to be the people on the street of the Napa Valley always striving to find what others do not or cannot so that you can continue to be affirmed that there is a reason you like to buy wine from us. Below are the 4 wines we tried and the 4 wines we more than highly recommend to you to have on your table or just about anywhere you can squeeze the bottle in a nook or cranny of your home to keep for posterity, indulgence or to show off as liquid trophies. Let’s get started:

2008 POUR MA GUEULE, ALFRED FREDIANI VINEYARD, NAPA VALLEY $75 Buy Now (and read more online)
Dark, lush and incredibly undeniable, this Rhone-style blend is insanely delicious. For that red wine lover who is always looking for something to sink his or her teeth into. Damn this wine is Fine. {72 cases made}

A little Cab Franc breathes a lingering burst of life into this already thriving, incredible rendition of why Cabernet from Stags Leap is definitely worth that sip, that taste, that full bottle and that decade + of cellaring. {69 cases made, for which some have been allocated for January's Kahuna Club--want to join?}

Buy Now (and read more online)
Petit Verdot is the cameo appearance supporting actor for this wine and it has the brawn, the looks and the best view from high atop the mountain. {73 cases made}

Buy now (and read more online)
If “good fences make good neighbors”, what do contiguous vines from highly credible neighbors make? Killer Cab. We’re barely able to keep it together. Just try these wines. You’ll see exactly what we are talking about. {72 cases made}

2008 CASEY FLAT RANCH, ESTATE RED WINE, CAPAY VALLEY $35 Buy Now (read more online)
When Ursula Hermacinski joined the team at Casey Flat Ranch, she knew she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. In fact, she was in a far different place from where those sparkly red shoes originated, but that made her happy and it shows. This new project is delightful and fresh and perfect. The best part about this story is that with winemaker Laura Barrett at the helm and Ursula putting her vast experience in the wine industry on the finishing touches, they have made this ACME’s newest favorite for an everyday drinking wine. The quality is incredible and the 85 cases that were produced are packed full of dedication, skill, and zeal and are most likely exactly what you look for in a full-bodied red blend. With Cabernet and Syrah as the two components, we look forward to trying the next vintage and the next and the next. Look no further—this can be your new favorite, too. For a mind-blowing version at practically half the price, we were pleasantly elated by the companion wine called Open Range. They just released their first vintage of this wine, as well, and we have it. This is a score, pure and simple. We recommend drinking these two wines regularly throughout the winter and if we run out, we’ll hold your place in line while you look for something to take its place. Wait, we can do that for you. Just ask!

Friday Night tastings are starting up again in one week. Check out the line-up here and pick the ones you want to join in on now. We’re excited to get back in the swing after the busy holidays, are you? Let us know who you might like to see and the wines you’d like to taste. We’ll see if we can nail them down.

Your Devoted Acme Crew



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Every Friday Night  5PM TO 7PM

Located at 1080 Fulton Lane (across from Railroad Avenue)

January 21st:  Kimberly Jones pouring a fabulous eclectic selection
January 28th:   May-Britt & Denis Malbec pouring Notre Vin and Alienor
February 4th:   Jonathan Maltus pouring World's End Wines
February 11th:  TBD
February 18th:  Tres Goetting pouring Krupp Brothers
February 25th:   Carole Meredith, Steve Lagier, Claire & Aaron Pott pouring                               Lagier-Meredith and Chester's Anvil wines



Reply by Avv, Jan 13, 2011.

I really liked the rare wine dinner wine list. I only wish that they organised events like that here in Aus

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