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Posted by Daniel Petroski, Jul 17, 2009.

Okay, Digestive Dogs.... any other scintillating F-B drinking experiences ? Cocktails, et al ? Please advise. Don't want my bottle to be collecting too much more dust before it is empty.


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jul 17, 2009.

I've been turned on to a drink called the Toronto (by gr, incidentally), which is essentially a Manhattan made with Fernet-Branca in the place of the sweet vermouth.

I'm a huge fan of the bracing quality of this drink. Haven't had one in a bit -- thanks for the reminder Dan!

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Jul 18, 2009.

Mark, thanks for sharing. Will try, definitely!

Reply by gr, Aug 4, 2009.

And, this is mildly redundant given what I just commented upon, but my recipe for the Toronto is also at http://alcoholi.st/2009/08/3-august... -- it's simple, though: 3 oz rye, 1 oz Fernet, stir, strain, garnish with a mint leaf.

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Aug 5, 2009.

gr, good work with the Alcoholist site. Nice stuff. I tried, but screwed up the Toronto. I used Boudreau's recipe (with sugar cubes and Angostura) but I grabbed the wrong bottle of booze - I substituted the FB with Averna. I basically made a a cross between a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned. A solid drink, but now I ran out of Rye. I will need to revisit. Poor, me, poor, pour me another drink!

Reply by gr, Aug 5, 2009.

A friend of mine in San Francisco mentioned in passing (via email) earlier this evening a house drink that she'd had at a (new?) place called Rye (where they apparently have bartending competitions monthly on something like an Iron Chef basis) that she believes they call the Dogpatch, which appears to be rye, Averna, and rosso vermouth, on the rocks in an Old-Fashioned glass, garnished with orange peel: it sounds like you got somewhere close to that.

No reason to be stingy on the rye as some of the best (Rittenhouse 100, Old Overholt) are cheap ($12 and $11 respectively, where I shop).

Reply by gr, Aug 5, 2009.

PS x 2:

I neglected to say, "Thanks!" (re: my stupid cocktail blog).

I'd planned to try this Dogpatch thing as my last drink before bed, but I got so far as 2 oz rye (Overholt) and ¾ oz Averna when I realized that adding any rosso vermouth would just be too dark. My friend, Hannah, described it as "brown and grown-up ... the
kind of thing drunk by crusty British professor types in the 1930s - you know, one glass of claret with dinner (roast beef), one glass of spirits afterward, and to bed at 9:30pm", and I didn't even need to finish the thing to agree. So here's what I did instead:

2 oz rye (I used Old Overholt)
¾ oz Averna amaro
¾ oz Cinzano bianco (note: not dry, the sweet, white type of vermouth)

Stir in a mixing glass on ice, strain over cubes in a Collins, top with soda, garnish with a flamed orange peel (and discard the peel).

Reply by gr, Aug 5, 2009.

(And, I should have pointed out while in preview mode rather than ANOTHER response: subbing Fernet-Branca for the Averna in either of those will definitely change both the taste and mouth-feel, but should also work. I'm not sure it'd save the Dogpatch from Hannah's derision as a fogey drink, though... there's too much brown liquor of disparate flavors going on there.)

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Aug 6, 2009.

This is good. All good. I welcome the Rye recommendations and yes, the two you mentioned are easily/readily available in my neck of the woods, rather cheap, too. However, I haven't made it quite yet to buying some. So, tonight I tried a Toronto with Maker's and F-B (plus the sugar and Angostura to show some consistency with last night's cocktail). Sadly, I wasn't overwhelmed. The Fernet is just too medicinal for me. So, I moved on to the Dogpatch (again with Makers) and I find the drink subtle and soothing. I can see why it is considered a put-me-to-sleep kind of spirits infusion. On that subject, of old British bombers, I must ask, have your read Kingsley Amis' Everyday Drinking ? It is quite the stellar collection of knackered stories and advices (er, vices).

Reply by alecpier, Aug 7, 2009.

Try Fernet & Coke, pour first 1/4 fernet and add 3/4 coke plus ice
After the third one, you better stop

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