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Favorite Summer Concoction....

Posted by StevenBabb, Jun 11, 2010.

Being a good bartender that LOVES to make drinks, I think that this forum should get more use!

I have a bar at home and I find nothing more enjoyable than creating new ideas and sharing them with others, and now that summer is here, and people are entertaining more, what better thing to do than start a fresh forum on summer cocktails!

I came up with this recipe back when I was 21......

Breezy or Summer Breeze (those of us that grew up in the Bay Area may remember the

                                         hip-hop reference to the term BREEZY, after all, I was 21 when I 

                                         came up with this!)

1 1/2 oz vodka (absolute will work just fine)

1 oz       sour apple pucker

1 oz       cranberry juice

4 oz       lemonade

combine ingredients in a pint glass, shake, and serve.

you can cut the ingredients in half, shake and serve in a martini glass if you'd like.

garnish with whatever floats your cocktail umbrella... strawberry... lemon... twist....

I know that it's a light drink, but it's perfect for summer, and it will go down easy, hence the original name, the BREEZY! I made 10 pitchers of this for a party once.... it's a hit......




Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 17, 2010.

wow.... nobody has anythoughts on a summer cocktail???

Reply by dmcker, Jun 17, 2010.

Bellinis tonight with my elder daughter and a close friend, with fresh peach juice and several halves of cava. The Schramsberg sparkling I have sitting waiting for consumption will have to wait for another night, maybe in cocktails but more likely on its own.

Then off to a grill to meet another old friend where we'll likely be exploring whatever they can dredge up of California pinot. Last time the same crew got together we had beer and SAfrican chenin blanc and lots and lots of Sake and more. Bad head the next morning. So just stiicking to wine tonight. Or so I say on Friday morning....  ;-)

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 18, 2010.

i love sake! but unfortunatley my friends aren't quite conosuers and usually drop it into a cup of asahi... to each their own...

i had a plum sake a long time ago... there used to be a hakusan sake in napa, and i had and rather enjoyed their plum sake.... i served it slightly chilled with small ice shavings... sounds like it would be a nice warm afternoon drink....

is the plum version very popular in Tokyo? how do they serve it?

Reply by dmcker, Jun 19, 2010.

It's called umeshuu, and isn't really considered sake. Usually it's green Japanese ume plums steeped with rock sugar in shochu distilled from barley or sweet potatoes or even sugarcane. I've made it myself many times, and also similar concoctions involving other fruit. Have one jug in the cellar that I made 25 years ago and sparingly now, from time to time for myself or favored guest or daughters, will sip from. Nicely mellowed flavors. Use my kumquat version in a number of cocktails.

Very occasionally people will make umeshuu from sake. That version is always milder with more delicate scents and flavors. My younger daughter's favorite. Definitely good over ice in the summer....

Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Jun 20, 2010.

You just can't beat Campari and soda.

Reply by nyampire, Jun 21, 2010.

>is the plum version very popular in Tokyo? how do they serve it?

Yes, it is very popular in Japan.

i serve it on the rock ice (like wiskey), or thin it with chilled water.

As their sweet taste, many ladies love to drink it.

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 22, 2010.

this was years ago, but from your discriptions dm, i want to say that the umeshuu i had was made with sake.... it wasn't super sweet, but more delicate in flavor...

dm, given your love for bellinis, have you ever tryed adding st. germain, an elder flower liqueur...... tastey...

Reply by dmcker, Jun 22, 2010.

Umeshuu made from Sake is quite a bit rarer than that made from distilled shochu. You were lucky to run across it.

Afraid I haven't, since my bar at home is somewhat spartan. What are the proportions you recommend? I have found a good source for fresh peach juice this time of year, and that combined with a range of sparklers is often the perfect start for an evening with a few people I know. The best champagne doesn't get mixed, of course.... ;-)

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 23, 2010.

d... if it's that rare, maybe what i had wasn't made from sake...

there used to be a sake house, Hakusan, in napa, and the bottle that i had came from there... unfortunately, they are no longer around, so i was having trouble finding any information on it...

as for the st germain, i'd put about a 1/4 oz or so... to your taste of course.... it adds a nice elderflower/honey suckle to your brut sparkler....

Reply by dmcker, Jun 23, 2010.

So you're talking about *in place* of the peach juice? Or in addition to...?

Reply by BasilR, Jun 23, 2010.

As a Southern transplant I appreciate your enthusiasm for the summer cocktail.  When it is mid 90's with 100% humidity, cold refreshing drinks become a way of life. 

In that regard, on a hot day, it is hard to beat a Club Special:

2 parts fresh squeezed lemonade

1 - 2 parts vodka

1 part 7up (some prefer it with club soda, but try the 7up)

pour over crushed ice - garnish with lemon or lime (let preference dictate)

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 23, 2010.

that sounds pretty refreshing BasilR.... almost like a way better and grown-up mikes hard lemonade....

as for the mid 90's and humidity.... i don't know how people do it... i have family that lives in cincinnati and i've spent quite a few summers there, most recently in '08..... wow.... i guess thats why i live in SF...hahaha....

but, summer, no matter where you are at, seems like a good time to get creative and let the cocktails flow!

Reply by BasilR, Jun 23, 2010.

Yeah, not sure how I did for all those years (the stiff cool drinks do help), but it is hard to beat SF, and California weather in general

Reply by dmcker, Jun 23, 2010.

One of the first times I've ever heard someone praising the San Fran weather. ;-)

Though it does certainly beat Kansas along the Missouri during summertime! Or Tokyo in midsummer, for that matter....

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 23, 2010.

hahaha.... i had a tourist with his camera out say that he had wanted to catch the fog rolling in over the golden gate, but it had been sunny all day... he asked "where's the fog".... to which i replied, DON'T JINX IT.... and 2 hours later, here it came..... but to me the weather here is perfect... downtown where i live the buildings blog a lot of the fog... but i think it's refreshing.... almost too warm in other parts of the bay area.... definitely too hot in sacramento...hahaha....

Reply by coquimbo chile, Dec 25, 2010.




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