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Faking the Finer Things

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Sep 27, 2007.

In the past, Philip has reported on the counterfeit wine problem. Recently I read this article at Slate which in turn led me to read this much older article at the Wine Spectator .

It seems somewhat less pure of a forgery case than the story of Han Van Meegeren . The notorious art forger took a great deal of pride in his work and by all counts was a fantastic artist and painter. He managed to convince some of the most well-known art critics of his day of the authenticity of his forgeries. I say the fake wines are less pure mostly out of ignorance. Without a case study -- a person who has engaged in the act of producing counterfeit wine -- we really cannot know what the motive is. Do these producers take pride in the wines they put into expensive shells? Or is it merely a money making scheme?

On the subject of hoaxes, I find the Museum of Hoaxes to be an excellent read. I'm often amazed by what some people are able to pull off!

I wouldn't be surprised if I discovered that 5% of what I'd come across on a daily basis turned out to be some manner of hoax. How's that for a measured portion of cynicism!


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