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Posted by kevchan, Aug 21, 2007.

There is probably a thread for Facebook functionality, but I cant find it.

Ok a couple of things I think would help, and you probably have a lot of these on your list, but just in case:

1) Within facebook if the friend is on facebook, can we see their facebook photo rather than the snooth one. Its just that you become familiar with the facebook profile pic whilst using facebook and its easier if the same person appears the same in different parts of the facebook. Also is there a way from within snooth for users to import their facebook profile photo.

2) Can we not just add ppl up as friends in facebook (ie invite facebook friends to join snooth and thus the app). Just as with all of the other viral apps that are out there for facebook (zombie, vampire etc). I assume once you do that you can automatically create them a facebook account by accessing their facebook details? I know flixster does something like this.

3) What my friends are drinking. I think this should be on the app home page, ie latest reveiws from my friends

4) Also if any of my facebook friends add the snooth facebook app, can you automatically make us friends on snooth? by default we should be friends on facebook. Equally if we are snooth friends and you know that person has a facebook page, you should flag in facebook that you can add them as a facebook friend.

5) I know it probably seems like a social network within a social network. But I think full integration of the power of the exisitng facebook network most users have developed should be harnessed. You shouldnt try to duplicate the network facebook builds, but piggy back off it.


Reply by kevchan, Aug 21, 2007.

Ok just saw the facebook group post, which covers some of this.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 22, 2007.

Hey - good to see youre still active. OK, to answer these questions:

- We're putting a lot of effort into replicating a lot of Snooth's functionality inside FB. You can now search, rate and review from inside FB. Next steps are some cleanup, then allowing people to use the FB app, without creating a Snooth account, while still allowing them to sync accounts later.

Then its all the viral things you just mentioned.

Question 4 is delicate - people sometimes want different friends on each social network, but we'll come up with a way to allow users to tweak this. [after we've done all the viral stuff]

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