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Extended Label

Posted by Philip James, Oct 9, 2007.

I'm fascinated by a lot of the technology in and around wine, and seem to write about that as much as I do about wine itself. I've written about advances in labeling technology on several occasions - here and here . Continuing the theme, Cline Cellars is introducing an 'extended text' label, featuring extra space to fit recipes, nutritional information or regulatory text.

"The multi-part label has three extra panels that enable us to share information about what shapes our brand - our history, vineyards, wine and farming practices," said a Cline representative.

Costing Cline 60% more than the traditional back label, this does make it easy to fit government warnings and, if wineries are forced to add nutritional information , to plop that in there too.

I do believe that I've seen essentially the same thing on condiment bottles as well as tubs of Tylenol, but as ever, its always nice to see these things make their way to the wine space.


Reply by gr, Oct 9, 2007.

This is pretty neat, and I wouldn't be surprised if a former employer were involved. Small business in St. Louis, but they had a few patents and upwards of 50% of the business on these foldout labels... mostly medicine cabinet goods--think Aleve--and agricultural chemicals.

I do wonder, though, whether the labels will stand up under this different application. The chemicals needed these labels to cram in a ton of scary words in a relatively small space. It's definitely useful for the nutritional information on wines, but I'd expect wineries, as it becomes affordable, will take some of the extra space to blab on snobbily about their history, which will mean that people pop the things open in the store. They're resealable... but not infinitely.

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